12:07 PM

Great article! There are a few of things to add to it to make for a more enjoyable, safer camp out. Read more

12:49 PM

There are also “professional” services that will do this online, but they can be hit or miss. I used one to turn a Starbucks card into cash, and it worked out fine, but there were a lot of reviews for the service I used that said the gift cards purchased didn’t work. (This particular service only guarantees gift card Read more

8:54 AM

For #5, a sanctuary from the sanctuary, is a must. There needs to be a place to go, that is for sleep and sleep alone. Too many things are imposing themselves on time that is needed for quiet. And we think that’s a good thing, because it’s a social must to be seen as busy and stressed and overworked, always sought, Read more

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Soooo.... Inquiring minds want to know, Elena. Why do you have this kind of info so readily available? I’m a terribly nosey person, but not invasive. I just want to know if I should be extremely happy for you or not. :)

6:56 PM

Well said/written. I got a bit of culture shock the first time I played SF4 online, because with the SF2 series, it was just with friends on the SNES or at the local (campus) arcade. So I got to the point of being a medium-sized fish (I won’t even say big) in a small pond. Even the first time I played SF4 was when Read more