Elaine Chow
10:10 PM

Really? Because I basically just pressed X the entire time and I won. The first half of the game, I could press X while making dinner and chatting to friends in another room (god bless wireless controllers), and I'd still win.

1:40 AM

I know this non-option is usually thrown around as a way of scaring those of us who hate these new TSA measures back in line, but I wish there WAS actually un-TSA-scanned flights using procedures from before 9/11 to usher us onto the plane. Read more

2:26 AM

Wait, so the wiki states that Hawke has a wife named Aveline. If you're playing as a female, is Aveline male or is it like a Portia Degeneres thing?

12:29 AM

@CandyBacon: Plus, there's the problem that we're already seeing with GM corn and soybeans - when companies own patents on something, they protect it ruthlessly and to points of ridiculousness. Read more

3:10 AM

I'm curious about how heavy that 14" tablet would be though. I already find the 13" ones a tad annoying to cradle in the nook of my arm, which I thought was how tablets would be used much of the time they're in tablet mode anyhow.

5:34 AM

Interesting. [Renren.com] is actually the newest version of [Xiaonei.com] here in China - Xiaonei was basically a clone of Facebook in the early 2000s, when it was only open to university students. Renren is their attempt to expand to the rest of China. Read more

3:23 AM

Awesome review! I'm especially curious about the note-taking system and how that'll pan out though. One of the reasons I've been iffy about buying people a Kindle (and one reason I think it's still a ways away from being able to replace... say, textbooks) is because I've heard there's too many problems with writing in Read more

6:19 AM

Woah, this makes me think of that interactive book in The Diamond Age. How many of Neal Stephenson's dreams are gonna come true before he's finally happy?!

12:18 AM

The beginning's a little too Matt & Kim Dan Deacony for my tastes. I expected the rest of the show to be just as hyperactive and psychedelic and it just turned out to be dudes talking.

9:29 PM

@MaWeiTao: Hey now, living here in China, I would kill for someone to actually be able to stop a project because of something like an environmental or safety review. Read more

1:19 PM

@Jim Fleegle: This is correct. But I am still bummed that it is THAT much harder to stream stuff from over here in China. Especially now that I can't fill my time with funny videos via the Youtube ban. Sigh.

8:41 AM

@BritSwedeGuy: Doubtful actually. I don't have or want an iPhone - I just want good features in a clever design package that isn't a blatant rip off of someone else's clever design package.