Jul 2

Has this site always been hoarder-centric or has there been a significant uptick in this sort of post? Read more

Jul 1

That lead photo is just an unreasonably attractive car.

Apr 23

It sounds great for the dog in theory, but once you have that back glass rolled down the air currents in the 4Runner send dog hair directly into your eyeballs and mouth. Then as you pull over or crash from being blinded while coughing hysterically, one of your chucklefucks ultimately hops out the back forcing you to Read more

Mar 30

Absolutely ridiculous. This car looks like other cars. They are trying too hard and need to try again, even harder this time. Lately this car company has been getting better but now they’ve gone and messed it all up. Listen to me, my opinion is correct because I own an older car which was the best of its kind. Now my Read more

Mar 30

This car is ugly and looks tacky as hell. I see you are trying real hard to make it happen, but it just doesn’t work for me.

Mar 5

Thank you! (Updated)

Feb 7

As a result of this report, Gizmodo and all the other G/0 media sites are going to quit pimping Amazon products,right? If not then you share some responsiblity for these peoples injuries.

Feb 6

I quit reading the instant you compared the share price of one company to another, as if that has any bearing whatsoever on the value of a company or its future. Read more

Jan 30

I think instead of paying for open loans the government should pay back all the already paid back loans.  Give the money to people who actually paid up after taking the loan.  

Jan 29

I really can’t tell if this is serious or satire, but I like it.

Jan 29

These are incredible numbers from a stock turbo. My guess is, with an aftermarket tune, and a larger turbocharger, this car might do two seconds, flat. I’m not sure how much these turbos are tuned for low-end, off the line torque, but my gut tells me with a quarter mile time like that, they have to come on boost Read more

Nov 11

Don’t forget the seasonal brake pads.

Nov 9

Watch The Future USS John F. Kennedy Float For The First Time.” Read more

Nov 8

I had to scan past 21 fucking ads to get to the end of the article.
Read more

Oct 30

If anyone wants to hit up ole’ Jimmy Spanny himself and ask him what the fuck is going on, here’s his number! 917-881-5965 Read more

Oct 12

1) That ref needs to admit that it’s time to upgrade from M to L in the shirt department. Those seams are workin’ overtime. Read more

Oct 9

This is likely the biggest mistake I’ve ever made on Kinja, but god help me, here I go. Read more

Oct 3

The email from Howard-Higgins to Musk after Musk terminated his contract (this caused Musk to rehire Howard-Higgins): Read more