Nov 1 2017

Look at this middle-aged white guy. Standing there smiling, shoving our face in his middle-aged whiteness, just a month after a middle-aged white guy killed 59 people in Las Vegas.

Oct 20 2017

I know there are some drugs that are approved for one use but can be used off-label to treat or prevent other conditions. What are the side effects of PrEP? Could it be effective in treating paranoia?

Sep 29 2017

So, since a lot of people seem to have forgotten, Mark Regnerus is a Catholic fundamentalist asshole who published a “study” that purported to prove definitively that gay people were not good parents. It was a trash study, and did a lot of damage because at the time it gave anti-gay-marriage advocates an excuse to Read more

Sep 24 2017

Trump is just doing the job Russia hired him to do: sow discord among the American people. He always has to comment on controversial issues and further polarize. Putin hires hundreds od trolls to seed comment sections and keep the momentum going. The trolls all say the same thing “I’m a hard working American;never Read more

Sep 20 2017

That’s what I want in a man: the ability to be the grossest thing in a picture that includes a dead animal carcass.

Sep 18 2017

hi just checking in to say that daily life under this fucking administration is like getting slowly steamrolled to death

Sep 14 2017

Like I said to my daughter, if I ever play a trick on her it will never be nasty or harmful and she will always laugh or have something enjoyable at the end of it. Like the time we tricked her into thinking we were just having a nice breakfast for her Gran’s birthday but really we had arranged for us to go to Read more

Sep 14 2017

Do those two look like people whose lives would not be forever changed by a short custodial sentence? Thirty days in jail and neither of them would ever step a toe out of line for the rest of their lives. Five years of probation seems like a long time, but sometimes a short sharp lesson followed by five years of Read more

Sep 5 2017

I don’t think the issue is so much what he said, but rather that he gained so much publicity in doing so. A secretive cult like Christianity hates the spotlight and that’s why most of us have never heard of it.

Aug 30 2017

Why can’t we keep these white commentators from commenting. Its really gotten out of control. I propose we, voluntarily of course, identify our race in our profiles and Jezebel should enforce a 4 POC comment for every 1 white comment. This should at least begin to level the playing field and make this site a little Read more

Aug 30 2017

I think a lot of the tension we feel with cultural appropriation can be mollified if we clarify that cultural appropriation isn’t intended to stop anyone from taking influence from anything that a culture has ever used. It’s more restrained. Read more

Aug 26 2017

I don’t know what to think. On the one hand you have the Dalai Lama. On the other a man whose own father is calling him a liar. Read more

Aug 25 2017

The author does not know how to do the “she doesn’t know she’s beautiful!” trope right. The protagonist doesn’t sound modest/oblivious, she sounds like a member of the Plastics doing their ritualistic/performative self-criticism in front of the mirror.