Edith Grove
12:26 PM

I think it’s a little wonky that you only come to GT to make notoriously vague posts that ask for advice, then you don’t really wade into the comments after. Comments that people put time and effort into and are well thought-out and usually helpful advice. You also don’t really spend time helping other people out or Read more

2:30 PM

You’ve never heard of chicken tikka masala? Or stir fry? Or enchiladas? Or ginger snaps? Honest to god, these are not weird hipster speciality items, and they’re available at lot more places than just Trader Joe’s.

1:37 AM

Oh please, you don’t pick on a man with autism and blame it on a cranky day. Full stop. You also don’t sit around and laugh with your cronies about a Tumblr called “Shit Eisen Bolan Says” because you’re such a good person. Read more

1:33 PM

Nope. You knowingly slept with married men and mocked their wives. No sympathy here for your relationship falling apart.

7:11 PM

I grew up in Florida, so my summers always included one trip to Orlando, but those stopped once I hit college. I’m a little jealous you’ve gotten to see all the recent changes!

12:42 AM

Do you realize that when you say, “I would never guess that. You look amazing,” you are saying a) you felt like you had to make her feel better about that number, and that b) if you HAD guessed she or anyone was that number, they would deserve to feel bad? That LOOKING like you’re 160+ is a problem? I’m not trying to Read more

7:32 PM

I came into this post because I’m catching a whiff of “boo those jealous fatties” in these comments. The OP has my sympathy in regard to her discomfort. I’m sure she didn’t mean to bring out the worst in the commenters here, who don’t seem to want to recognize that an insulted person who has thin privilege still Read more

7:21 PM

The world is pretty shitty to fat women, who don’t deserve it. The disease is degradation of women whose bodies don’t fit the ideal, and the symptom is petty insults thrown at the ideal. Don’t complain about the symptom if you don’t want to treat the disease.

6:53 PM

I quote, “shit sucks for all of us.” It does not. In no universe does it. You aren’t an oppressed thin woman, and your body isn’t viewed as a public spectacle to be ridiculed every time you leave your home. If you and other thin women don’t like our anger, then stop villianizing us as jealous fatties, stop wishing Read more

6:39 PM

Shit doesn’t suck for “all of us.” For fat women shit doesn’t just suck, it’s literally caked onto us every time we dare to speak up about our bodies, or when we wear clothes that don’t “flatter” us, or when we think we deserve a partner worth a damn when we “don’t take care of ourselves.” Read more

5:59 PM

Since when has having sex in time off been “fucking all over the ship”? You seem very angry and judgemental about this. Is there something else bothering you? Read more