Edith Grove
Mar 27 2016

You’ve never heard of chicken tikka masala? Or stir fry? Or enchiladas? Or ginger snaps? Honest to god, these are not weird hipster speciality items, and they’re available at lot more places than just Trader Joe’s.

Mar 5 2016

I grew up in Florida, so my summers always included one trip to Orlando, but those stopped once I hit college. I’m a little jealous you’ve gotten to see all the recent changes!

Mar 2 2016

Since when has having sex in time off been “fucking all over the ship”? You seem very angry and judgemental about this. Is there something else bothering you? Read more

Feb 26 2016

So, okay, from a logistical perspective, it makes sense that they would ask her to move, because she can be moved to any other seat, whether the bording seats contain men or women, whereas the orthodox man could only be moved to a seat next to another man. Read more

Feb 22 2016

No one here seems to have the balls to tell you this, so I will: you are fucking insufferable. Literally all your posts in this thread are either your boasting of your ~oh so sophisticated~and European palate or your passive aggressive bashing of people who eat what you deem to be inferior food. Even scarier is the Read more

Feb 16 2016

This is my roommate’s cat Jarvis. I don’t feed him or anything, but we’re best friends. Some cats are just nice.

Dec 16 2015

Oh honey, you’re the one who’s not good at science. When I miscarried at 6 weeks, all it was was a heavy period. So yes, all I used was tampons and pads. Would I have to bury my maxi pads?

Nov 3 2015

Why isn’t anybody talking about her GRAY skin??

Oct 19 2015

For a restaurant, I’d assume tortilla chips and that cheesey spinach thing. Salsa is SALSA, not dip!

May 20 2015

I, for one, love reading about your penis. Please write more.

May 18 2015

See now, I don’t get this. Do you also go to McDonald’s and order a “Double Decker Patty Sandwich With Special Sauce On A White Bun Adorned With Small Seeds Often Associated With Asian Cuisine”? Read more

May 16 2015

I’m Hard of Hearing, and Starbucks is a huge fucking nightmare for me. Usually I’ll go to a really small one that is the third Starbucks in a 500 foot radius so it’s not busy at all, but a few weeks ago I went to the biggest, busiest one because it was on my way to work. When I got up to the counter to pay, I couldn’t Read more

May 12 2015

Paula’s choice is so good. I’ve been using the bha liquid for about 2 weeks straight and it’s crazy how much softer and smoother my skin is. It’s magical.