Edith Grove

Totally. My Mia 1 is collecting dust. I keep meaning to put it on eBay but idk if there's any market for them. ANYONE WANT A VIBRATING FACE BRUSH FOR CHEAP HMU Read more

A lot of peeps can’t handle mechanical/physical exfoliation. My skin can’t, even with the delicate Clarisonic brush heads or super fine gentle scrubs. You might consider saying goodbye to physical exfoliants like scrubs and brushes. This was very hard for me to do as i’d been religiously scrubbing my dry flaky skin Read more

A light touch with a lighter bronzer. I’m a super pale and love Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil around the perimeter of my face to give me a little glow. Read more

Oooh hazelnut oil. I tried several different oils for OC - jojoba, macadamia, argan, and avocado but never had much luck - my skin was always left dry and rough. I still remove makeup with jojoba but follow up with a cream cleanser. I might try again someday but I’ve had amazing success with a paula’s choice regimen Read more

Make sure you patch test! Coconut oil works wonders for many but it is considered comedogenic and can clog pores and cause breakouts. Read more

ok YES cruella is super dupe gorgeous too but I'm not convinced it's as universally flattering/wearable JUST MY OPINION. Read more

NARS DRAGON GIRL!!! Everyone in the world should own this. It should be standard issue to every person on their 18th birthday so we can all be so beautiful

Huh. I had never even considered doing this. WILL LOOK INTO. Read more

Yeah, they have regular shredded cheese besides "nacho cheese" or whatever. Read more

Oh, lighten up. Pinkham makes fun of a lot of things for the sake of comedy on Kitchenette. There's no GM-wide conspiracy hate on the flyovers. Read more

That's awesome. My freshman year, my university dining hall had all you can eat buffet style. After that year, they switched to paying for each thing individually with points/dollars. Cut down on food waste by 90 percent. Insane. Read more

Uh yeah, I'm super confused by the reactions here. Read more

It's just cute and funny, that's all! Read more

Whatever. This looks delicious. Read more

I can with our species. I totally can. We are awesome. Read more

I'm in the Pacific Northwestern-ish part of the U.S. Now a bit south of Portland, but I think it still counts as Northwest. Read more

Ooooh I've been lucky enough to dine at Ox twice and it was amazing both times. I probably wouldn't try this though. Read more

I can't put my finger on why I find this task so strange. Read more