Another Gawker Refugee
Oct 4 2018

My solution to passwords AND security answers is simple but highly effective: I use a pattern to derive a password or answer from the name of the service or the security question itself.

A simple example for security questions might be “use the second letter of every word in the question”: So “where were you when you Read more

Oct 4 2018

Sigh... My employer, in it’s infinitely questionable wisdom, has decreed that no password managers shall be in use on company-owned hardware. Until recently, that was the policy, but there was no enforcement. One of those things that, if you gave them the desire to dismiss you, they could use against you, but in Read more

Jul 11 2018

Had no clue this was the case. Thanks. I have cornmeal, so I might give this a try then.

Jul 10 2018

Grits are good. If you like polenta, you will like grits. It is basically just porridge made from ground corn, and tastes exactly like you’d expect. If theirs were a greasy mess, it’s because they didn’t make them right.
The best part about grits is that more so than oatmeal or other porridge, they’re a good match Read more

Jun 26 2018

I served an LDS mission in Buenos Aires from 2002-2004, so a lot of my knowledge is outdated. Thanks for taking the time to write so much detail. I need to visit again. Las Medialunas del Abuelo was always my favorite pastry stop.

Jun 25 2018

I mean, I too thought the “concentration camp” label was a little harsh, but when you post a definition like that, it’s hard to see your point... That label fits perfectly.

Jun 25 2018

Trump made it very clear all along that he is a bigoted monster. He made it clear when he launched his racist conspiracy theory that Obama was not a real American and thus an illegal, illegitimate president. He made it clear when kicked off his campaign by calling undocumented Mexicans “criminals and rapists”. He made Read more

Apr 18 2018

Earther didn’t exist before Hurricane Maria, which is why you didn’t see anything about this on “this very media platform.”

Apr 18 2018

He threw them a roll of paper towels and told them to handle it themselves. I wish I was wrong.

Apr 18 2018

If Flint, Michigan and Puerto Rico want Trump to address their problems, they are going to have turn White. 

Apr 5 2018

This too. Lately the way I’ve been finding “new” music is to use whosampled.com to look up popular rap songs from the past 20 years and then listen to the artist who originally created the song’s hook. Read more

Apr 2 2018

I work for a company that does business with others that are often PE owned. We HATE giving these companies money that doesn’t have explicit strings on it because we know that the PE firm is going to suck that money out instead of putting it toward actual business uses.

Mar 14 2018

Well, you should investigate the procedures for government civilian and military travel, which are not exactly the same, but here’s how it used to work for civilian contractors on travel ultimately billed to DoD. The GAO periodically publishes a list of maximum lodging reimbursement and per diem rate based on Read more