Mr. Dr. Girlfriend
10/13/17 2:56PM

A Cranberry Wilderness story! That place is creepy as fuck. There are quite a few spots around Monongahela that are creepy, but that place in particular scared my boyfriend so badly at night that as soon as I woke up and peed he was ready to bolt right out of there. And he was a pretty rugged camping/hiking type, but Read more

10/13/17 12:11AM

Around five years ago, I was a TA for an undergraduate literature course that had 300 students; there were two TAs and our job was mostly to do grading (sigh) and hand out exams and set up PowerPoints and stuff of that nature. Basically, assist the professor in all manner of tedium while she lectured. Due to a Read more

10/12/17 9:09PM

Tried posting this one a few years ago, but was too late. Not a ghost story, but it’s one of the scariest things that’s ever happened to me.
Read more

10/12/17 8:05PM

So, in her life, my mom has gone through some shit. Sometimes, she’s not the most reliable narrator, but she tells this memory so consistently and with such emotion, that I believe her. She grew up in the late seventies, and eighties. My grandma was (still is tbh) a disaster. Grandma was part of the California Read more

10/12/17 7:30PM

I’m sure this will be buried, and it’s not terribly frightening, but it involves supernatural phenomenons/phenomena/whatever: Read more

10/12/17 7:16PM

A bakery I worked at had just gotten a new client, and to keep up with demand we’d had to add an overnight shift to prep stuff for the early shifts when they came in. As the manager, I worked the first few weeks of the shift myself (alone) so that I could train whoever we hired later to do it. Read more

10/12/17 6:50PM

This happened to me about ten years ago while I was attending college at West Virginia University. At the time, I was really into backcountry camping, which for reasons that will become obvious, I am not into anymore. One of the benefits (actually probably the only benefit) of attending college in West Virginia was Read more

10/12/17 4:55PM

I was on a horrible schedule, where I was waking up around 2AM every night, and had started a routine where I would go out for coffee early in the morning; before jumping on my computer for work. Read more

10/12/17 4:40PM

Right before I turned 21 I moved to a new city, transferred colleges, and got an apartment by myself. I picked a place out on the third story of a rambling old Victorian mansion - a modest studio with white metal cabinets from the 1950's and a rusted fire escape which always gave me bad feelings. It was metal, and Read more

10/12/17 4:30PM

Ok, I love this time of year, so forgive the new account, but I wanted to tell the story my grandmother told me. I can’t vouch for it completely, but she’s a very no-nonsense woman and I’ve never caught her in a lie (besides maybe how many martinis she’s had). Anyway, we’ll call her Betty. Betty grew up in Kansas in Read more

10/12/17 3:46PM

This true story happened to me when I was about twenty.

I was working as a security guard after I got out of college because of the crap job market. I was living in the attic apartment of a house that had been turned into one and two-room apartments (with communal bathrooms). I got home at about 1:30 a.m. after my Read more

10/12/17 3:37PM

Do you remember the story about how the kid was writing a paper with headphones on and there was writing all over the house that said “LOOK AT ME”? It still haunts me and that was I think like 3 years ago.

10/12/17 12:37PM

My mom passed away unexpectedly almost a decade ago. Having to go through all of her belongings and discarding anything that wasn’t going to be donated or held on to by family was extremely difficult for my brother and I. We found things like notes and letters she obviously would have never shared with us or wanted us Read more

10/12/17 11:32AM

I too have a chafing dish and the sterno to go with it. Same story. She says it comes in handy when there’s a power blackout, because then you can heat up food.

10/12/17 11:05AM

One thing we have asked parents/grandparents is a flat out “what do you want kept within the family?” (Now we might not honor that request when they’re dead, but at least we know that most of the stuff that they have is not of utmost importance. Read more