9/06/19 2:31PM

Here’s my take: your vocabulary should often reflect the context and community you’re using it in. Talking among to a classroom full of first-graders, then you shouldn’t use these. Talking to colleagues, maybe some are okay depending on your field (curate, utilization are used daily in this field). Talking among Read more

8/21/18 12:46AM

Children are human beings and not, you know, animals, but whatever. 

8/21/18 12:45AM

Can you not bring your dog to the fucking restaurant? I was in a upscale-ish place for lunch about a year ago, and a woman brought a dog into the restaurant *literally strapped to her chest in a harness* and then proceeded to eat her $18 hamburger *while the dog sat on pink a stool she specifically brought for it to Read more

8/07/18 11:08AM

Folks keep pointing out that taro isn’t native to Hawaii, which is technically true under scientific/ecological definitions. However, the state of Hawaii does characterize taro as native because it came over with the first people of the islands and is intimately linked to their culture and creation stories. Read more

8/06/18 3:29PM

Wrong. There is a large number of endemic species in the Hawai’ian archipelago - just off the top of my head, there is the silversword radiation, the Hawai’ian honeycreeper radiation, and God knows how many fruitfly and spider species that evolved there and are found nowhere else.

8/06/18 2:32PM

Kalo is a canoe plant - introduced by Polynesians.

8/05/18 9:03PM

Queens do not ascend to the throne by hemming or hawing.

6/28/18 11:07AM

The last several weeks I have had The Expanse, Legion and Westworld, and although all have their pleasures, The Expanse was easily the best of the three. It may not be as experimental or philosophical as the other two but it also knows how to tell a good story without disappearing up it’s own ass.

6/28/18 8:57AM

Back when the show was cancelled (but before it was un-cancelled) the producers had said that this season didn’t have a big cliffhanger, and that it would even provide some reasonable closure. Read more

6/27/18 11:15PM

I don’t think they could drag out rising tension for that long. They did a lot of cues that things were bad. No medicine, stressed shots of officers, repeated callbacks to how much the different factions hate and distrust each other. Only really with Ashford did it feel rushed, but they worked pretty hard to set that Read more

6/27/18 10:37PM

As a book reader, fuck if that wasn’t borderline perfect. Abaddon’s Gate is one of my favorite books of the past couple of decades, and while slicing out a ridiculous chunk of the meat, I can still barely comprehend how the hell The Expanse’s team got the message through as thoroughly as they managed to. Hopeful SF Read more

6/15/18 10:48AM

good thing your opinion literally doesn’t matter.

5/16/18 8:45AM

Somewhere at Yum! brands headquarters in Louisville there are staffers taking furious phone calls from executives demanding to know how in God’s name this Kevin Pang character came up with this idea before they did.