We’ve learnt, above all, to respect water, the sea, rivers (i.e.: it’s not to be afraid of, but if you don’t respect it, it will take you down surprisingly easy). Read more

Exactly. Westworld got too indulgent with itself.

I’m looking forward to it too! My partner hasn’t read the books (and tbh isn’t really a sci-fi person) and thoroughly enjoyed this season, especially Amos’ character. Read more

I am seriously amazed at how well they adapted the books to television. And I’m with you about the Westworld finale. I love the premise but the finale and general storyline(s) was/were underwhelming. It was disappointing! But holy shit did The Expanse deliver on consolidating multiple storylines and characters--much Read more

I’ve had anxiety with how they portray in the show the book’s multiple storylines BUT HOT DAMN did they do it well. And can we talk about Amos?? Crossing fingers for an Amos-centric episode.

This is a solid tip. I’m off to uhhh test this out with the extra large bag of pizza rolls.

I can’t wait that long. Eat them, burn my mouth.

Have you figured out how to not have the pizza rolls explode while cooking?

WAIT Steak-Umm finally got verified??? How did I miss this?


This is a related question I was wondering about too!

omg, thank you, Salty! Next beer is on me.

I’m an equal opportunity donut consumer, give me all the donuts

KIX!!! My poor mom trying to get us kids eating “healthy” and then me sneaking into the sugar and pouring a healthy spoonful on top of the bowl of Kix.