Ooooh, can you PM me details if you don’t mind? If there are options to cross register between Ed and Af Am Studies I’m all in but that seems to be pretty difficult to find abroad. Thanks for the tip though. Read more

Thank you so very much! I will surely need it. Same to you in all of your endeavors. Read more

Education, with a focus on minorities and opening education for them. I love psychology! I wish I had the patience and desire to study it myself. Read more

Thank you! Former Classics major, bit of a devious streak. I love awesome dog names. People too. Just makes life more fun. Read more

Oooh which field are you interested in for grad school if you don’t mind my asking? I need to sign up for my GRE as well. I am also slated to pick up some books from a friend of mine so I can start studying for mine, which I hope to take later this summer. Read more

Yeah it’s amazing how smart they are. Thank you so much! Her brother’s full name is Mephistopheles, after the character in The Master and Margarita. But yes I am actually that devious. While we were at the vet today, I heard another amazing name - Malachi. Might be an option when we get another dog. I have a lifelong Read more

I have always had dogs that will find jobs for themselves if they are not assigned any suitable tasks - our puppy has taken to terrorizing her brother (she answers to Luci but part of her name is Lucifer for good reason!) by pulling out tufts of his fur. His coat is so thick you can’t notice but we’re still trying to Read more

Yip yip yip a la Krieger. I’m finishing my Certificate program in Intercultural Studies and planning on entry into an Educational program(minorities in education with a focus on opening curricula and/or funding) either Masters or Ph.D soonish. My studies have been really enjoyable and I cannot wait to be back in Read more

I have happily accepted that I am a helicopter pet mom. Both of our mini Aussies (American Sheps I spose) are happy, healthy, and fully neurotically embraced within our home. On the same note, my job ends this Thursday!!!!!! and I am happily planning on and paring down my grad school apps for entry in/around fall Read more

I have a boss like that right now. I’m giving him my notice on Tuesday, because he set me up to fail. At the moment, the school is floundering and they naturally just assume that after mistreating me all year I would only be too happy to lap it up and return for more. What they don’t know is I’ve had another job lined Read more

I am so butting in here now because I am trying to do the same thing - I wonder if there is anything I can do besides use Apps, prepare, study some more, and pray. I am honestly dreading this experience most of all because testing gives me so much stress... Read more

Oooooh San Diego is gorgeous! I can’t wait until we buy a vacation home down there. Read more

No problem! Search for LA/Orange county singles groups and see if you can find a matchmaking service. That’s how we met :) Read more

I had to stop watching Little Women LA because Christy and Terra annoyed the crap out of me. Is Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on Netflix? If so, I will check it out. Read more

You’re the second or third person to rec that one tonight. I will look into it; I’ve never heard of it before. Read more

That’s it! There’s a pea soup restaurant around here that is advertised for 300+ miles (no joke!) so I always comment on it whenever we pass it. Probably drives him up a wall. Read more

I’m really sorry that happened to you. I hope you find someone better. I know from experience that dating in SoCal is really hard - if you want any tips, I know of a really good service you can try! (It’s totally legit through meetup.com and is where I met my husband actually). Read more

That would be so frigging awesome! And maybe her true love Jamie would come running back to her for helping to save King’s Landing and restore the throne in the North! Read more

I totally agree with everything you said re: Game of Thrones. I can’t decide if I want Ramsay to have an epic death or a weak one because he pisses me off so much. Read more

I am looking into this now, thanks so much for the recommendations! I love her so much and only want the best for her. She genuinely seems like an awesome person. Read more