Press b twice to escape that camera angle.  Read more

They did not, to my knowledge, unless it came in the very last content update.
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Seriously. Beyond ridiculous.  Read more

Jumping into quests in Rise is lightning quick. Literally like 3 button presses and you’re loading into a quest. Game even loads you back in next to the quest giver so you can just queue up another one right away if you want. If you’re fiddling around in menus a lot it’s because you chose to do that. Especially weird Read more

This a thousand times. The tutorials are so well written, concise, and quick to go through. Even as a veteran I check them the first time I use a weapon. Read more

Lol “Next,” huh? I guess that explains the existence of this entire piece, doesn’t it? Read more

Do you like Fighting Games by any chance? Or MOBAs maybe? How about FPS? Even Soulsborne? Read more

“overly precious and self-satisfied animations to finish playing for the zillionth time” Read more

The dynamic difficulty did make it in. Read more

I never understood why game critics are allowed to criticize games for their story content but then give games like Monster Hunter and Mario Odyssey perfect scores despite their complete lack of engaging or original stories. Read more

If you actually follow the tutorial path in the village, it sends you directly to the training area and explains what it’s for. It provides you one of each weapon up front and when you equip one, the commands and combos are on screen. Read more

Again, same as with everyone else. READ THE TUTORIALS. The training area is decent, but EACH WEAPON has its very own tutorial that shows you what attacks do, what the skillbind attacks do, AND the best combos to use for them. Read more

This article pretty much reads like the author had a complete negative bias for the game from the start and had no intention of giving it a honest try or chance. What was the point of this article if you just planned to have a bad time and then blog to readers with your complaints like a personal blog? Read more

As far as getting acclimated to fighting monsters goes, one of my big tips is this. Read more

I don't like hearing ppl are dismayed since this is indeed a complicated series. BUT a lot of your issues and confusion can be cleared up by playing solo a bit 1st. All the early missions in the Village quests have tutorials to walk you thru most of the basics Read more

A health bar would immediately turn an exhilarating fight against a giant monster into a tedium as you watch a health pool slowly erode. You’d focus on the bar, not the monster. Read more

Some people aren’t able/willing to put time into learning. MHW was my first foray into the franchise, but practice and learning are huge.  I can’t imagine trying to play a MH game without going through a tutorial as a new player. Read more

Monster Hunter is a really obtuse and confusing game series to get into. It can also be brutally hard at times. On the other hand, once you get used to and into the various systems, it can be one of the most rewarding games you’ll play. Read more

I kind of prefer there not being a health bar. It’s kind of less distracting that way for me. And the tells and animations that are added to the monsters help show progress as well. If the monster is slowing down, parts are breaking off, or it’s drooling from its mouth, then you know you’re making progress. Read more