Jun 21 2019

How bad this would be is definitely not understood by Trump. Iran spends 6% of the gdp on defense and they will be able to make it a shit show. All our bases would immediately be in danger minutes after that first bomb drops. Would be a meat grinder if you actually wanted to overthrow the government which honestly is Read more

Mar 30 2019

I literally explain in two paragraphs how much I think the chests will annoy people and how they ruin a fun part of RPGs. I also put the annoying chests in the headline. Read more

Mar 12 2019

Do you want The Day After Tomorrow? Because this is how we get the Day After Tomorrow. 

Feb 26 2019

Why are you comparing V6 and V8 engines designed for speed to a little 4-cyl diesel designed for economy? Read more

Feb 26 2019

You sad fool. So you drove one poorly calibrated, small engine volvo diesel and want to cast aspersions on all of them?

Feb 7 2019

Oh my fucking god. So getting Japanese characters tattoo’d on you is now cultural appropriation?

Get the fuck out of here.

Look, we’ve all laughed at those people who got a Chinese character tattoo that thought it meant “spirit” or something, but it instead meant “soup”. But thats about the extent of it. The person Read more

Sep 7 2018

Oh, you mean the companies he created that gave all of those people jobs in the first place? Yes, let’s just force him away from the companies he made because you don’t understand what he’s doing.
Read more

Oct 24 2017

Disaster capitalism is when you get the victim to sign a shit contract because they have few resources to turn to and no time to spare. Did Tesla make Puerto Rico sign a big juicy contract? If not, this is not disaster capitalism, unless you want to try to spend all your efforts being critical of the PR potential at Read more

Oct 11 2017

One really simple example of the whole shear stabilizing panels concept are the chintzy looking cardboard.fiberboard panels they include in furniture kits (typically for covering the majority of the back panel on a dresser). Without this panel installed the entire structure is weak and unstable, with the panel Read more

Sep 1 2017

If they wanted to make a better juicer, all they needed to do was concentrate.

Aug 29 2017

A most emphatic no thank you. Skyrim’s version was bad enough.