9:26 AM

Islam is not a race. Everything isn’t racist. Please find the right words to describe how ppl are being assholes, else your probably accurate point is completely disregarded by the asshole. Cloak was culturally insensitive. He was most likely being inflammatory on purpose. But plenty of religions and colors don’t eat Read more

4:16 PM

You can mute squadmates in the 'squad' tab of the inventory, FYI. I'm 90% it works with random squadmates, not just pre builts

10:44 PM

Lmao you drove 1 four cylinder diesel and now they are all shit? That Volvo was designed for efficiency, not performance. But since your an idiot I assume your whole lineage and anyone who looks like you is an idiot. Seems fair.

8:41 AM

I’ve been contemplating moving out of the Q5 TDI and into one of these for the extra row. Makes me sad there won’t be a diesel. Which makes my next logical option a Grand Cherokee.

You think the 2.0 will be anything but infuriatingly slow after using a 3.0 TDI as a daily for a few years? The diesel power is nice but Read more

8:29 AM

Can anyone explain how they are planning to get these things up to speed? My simple brain is confused.

9:19 AM

I think the rear ends look better with out the spoiler, but I also have a nagging need to get one myself. I’m very conflicted. I think I will go with a cheap from lip for now. Satisfy my mod bug and save my bumper from more driveway carnage. Read more

3:38 PM

I have to agree this sounds like a garbage lawsuit. You expect a fleet of privately owned vehicles to magically accept wheelchairs? The entire concept is Joe Schmoe with a Camry can make money giving people rides. So are we now going to sue the major automakers because most of their vehicles don’t come from the Read more

8:33 AM

I was close to NP, but I irrationally refuse to buy a used automatic with that many miles.

5:34 PM

Rb turbo makes a metal replacement for the plastic bmw parts bin they used in the n54. I did a lot at once so idk if I can attribute it all that part, but there seems to be less blow by now at least. Read more

11:22 AM

LOL, I guess I’ll stop telling the wife she should have just got the actual wagon

10:29 AM

Yea, I wasnt convinced the glorified A6 Wagon could actually handle it. Also, the door sticker claims load rtating is only like 1,050 or so? not sure why the difference form that 1275 payload rating. thought that was weird. Since yea, 1000 lbs could literally be 4 ppl.

10:08 AM

yea if you stack all four friends and luggage only on the back axle. also still had me and the wife. so try 6 people

10:18 AM

This is the sound GTA VI should use for all cars. Like all of them. Buses included.

10:15 AM

Yea, I am hoping the upgraded PCV and maybe a catch can just to be sure will help. It’s kinda dumb they didn’t figure out this would be an issue. But honestly 5 hours of work every 30-40k miles is ok with me. I only do like 10k a year anyway

10:04 AM

Autozone had an special intake valve cleaner, which is twice as much as regular carb cleaner (weird). I just went with the carb cleaner and used my shop vac with the pointy attachement to dry it all. I wet it down, sit, then sucked it out. used a pick set from lowes to scrape, then wet it again. Repeat until Read more

9:58 AM

I ended up doing it the hard way, I need to save my parts budget at this point. Didn’t get them spotless but got all the caked on junk out of there. Especially at the top around the stem.