May 25 2017
This week in: Useful

The Q5 will hold just over 1000 lbs of bricks and still drive ok. Only like a 10 min drive so it was pretty easy.

May 13 2017
I Improved

Autocross times from last weekend. First run was slow and steady. Hopefully my pax time will be more competitive

Apr 28 2017
Morning OppO!

My valves were gross. You have been warned. Graphic and gross pictures ahead.

Apr 13 2017
I Did A Thing

Painted the grills black. The were the only chrome in the car, and therefore dumb. Simple and easy, I like it way

Mar 10 2017
New BOV Makes Me Happy

Picked up an Active Autowerke BOV kit off the forum, super handy being back in the states. Install went well, and

Mar 8 2017

I’m sitting at work, weather is perfect for working on the car, and my new AA charge pipe is just sitting in my garage. Sad Panda

May 12 2016
Cincinnati OppOs

I haven’t been on in a while thanks to stupid work being stupid, and lazy me being lazy. But Irregardlessly, I am

Sep 5 2015

I cant find anywhere except an audi dealership to buy a 25 pin connector to plug into the mmi port in the glove box

Jul 6 2015

Seemed like the right thing to do. I put the 135i on it, and I’ll have to add the Q5 TDI later.

Jul 3 2015

Isn’t there. A race track in Luxembourg? Like near the German border? Am I confused?

Jun 9 2015

My buddy called and said his radiator blew coolant out the cap and now his car sounds like a lawn mower. The coolant

Jun 6 2015
Did my first mod today

I literally couldn’t stand the sound of the stock head unit in the 135i so I fixed it. Put in a Sony unit I had from

Jun 4 2015
Am I wrong?

I think I’m going to order a gallon of Redline mt-90 so I can do a trans and diff fluid swap at 50 k miles on the