You got a great deal on that loan, though. Don’t beat yourself up, it wasn’t a terrible decision. Like, if you had plunked down 20k on a used Italian car without a warranty and then had to pay payments AND all kinds of crazy maintenance costs... Then maybe it would’ve been a bad decision. Depending on how pretty the Read more

So $2600+$854 for depreciation and interest on loan equals $3454. That means you had reliable transportation (a necessity for your job aka your income) for four years at $863/year. I’m ignoring maintenance and insurance, because those costs have nothing to do with the loan. Also, buying used means you saved money on Read more

My wife’s mini has a check engine light that will sporadically turn off on its own. It will come on again only to go out again. I just assumed that was a result of that legendary British wiring.

Yeah I mentioned that in the article you didn’t read

When the content wears down from too many charging cycles, we send it back to the Gigapublisher for recycling.

Hopefully we’ll have freed ourselves from the oppressive cycle of content in six years and won’t read those articles.

Davis also said Kanigit instead of knight. Does this mean the Night King is really John Clees?

When we see the printed word in GoT, it’s in English. And “Hodor” is a contraction of “Hold the Door.” His name isn’t “Graneb” or “Coldak” or something like that. Which means they’re speaking English. Which means that Game of Thrones takes place in a Westworld park. That’s why everyone is able to travel so quickly.

Mazda5. It’s a manual transmission minivan with wavy-wavy lines on the side.

Can we all agree that the only thing social media has done is to make everyone argue. This contrasts deeply the fuzzy words zuck says about “connecting the world.” I can’t even go on that network anymore. It’s like walking into a room full of people arguing. Not my idea of a good time. Fake news articles. Fake Read more

I’m really surprised that after years and years of breathless fawning over tech titans of Silicon Valley by our integrated marketing and communications tech media, we’d end up with a story like this. It’s not like Mark Zuckerberg went to folks like Peter Thiel and Yuri Milner for early investment capital or anything.

Deleted mine years ago; last time my dad showed me something on FB I was surprised at the collosal amount of garbage people post. Read more

I am this close to ending my account on facebook. they are an embarrassment along with twitter and google. I feel like these companies have broken the law.

Zuckerberg and Sandberg are gigantic pieces of shit, and I am dreading their inevitable runs for office.

Fuck Facebook. (I’ll never get tired of this one.)

“Playing the middle” doesn’t work when one side is based in facts and logic and the other is based on lies, stupidity, and wilfull ignorance of reality. Trump’s blatant fabrications (which constantly contradict each other) do not deserve the same consideration as verifiable facts. Personal feelings and opinions and Read more

Here’s a pull quote from an article that is ten years old dissecting the mass media utter failure in the run-up to the Iraq War six year prior to that.
Read more

It’s important to remember that tweets about President Trump by our reporters and editors are taken as a statement from The New York Times as an institution, even if posted by those who do not cover him. The White House doesn’t make a distinction. Read more

This springs immediately to mind! From a far better writer than I’ll ever be… Read more