I vote for disconnecting completely from the world. Move to a commune with 20 of your best friends. Grow figs and kale. Raise goats. Take up sculpting. Write your clan’s history on a cave wall.

Also, enjoy the Fit! It’s one of the most underrated cars. Such a fun little sport box. It even makes a decent road trip car, if you’re not in a hurry. Plus, nobody does a gearbox and clutch like Honda. Shifting them is pure joy.

You got a great deal on that loan, though. Don’t beat yourself up, it wasn’t a terrible decision. Like, if you had plunked down 20k on a used Italian car without a warranty and then had to pay payments AND all kinds of crazy maintenance costs... Then maybe it would’ve been a bad decision. Depending on how pretty the Read more

Wow, it’s very clean. There’s one for sale here in the Portland metro area for quite a bit less, though, and it appears to be just about as clean, but with more miles.

At first I was like, “But how do you see out of the damn thing?!” and then I saw that interior and realized that everything outside of the car is just awful by comparison and I wouldn’t want to look at it anyway.

My dad had a red Integra RS just like the one in that pic. It was a million times more awesome than a Civic. It’d chirp the tires going into 2nd gear, which at the time was unheard of (for me, having only really driven Japanese crap boxes). Handled well, visibility was amazing, interior was well designed and well Read more

Mazda does things well. I love their new interiors, but I wish that big-ass screen would fold away.

I’ve owned tons of cars—Protege 5, A4, Mazda6, MK6 GTI, even a Miata. But my R53 Cooper S (2002) was the most fun I’ve ever had, and the best worst car ever. I’ll be shopping for another rolling disaster R53 soon. Totally worth all the trouble.

My first and still most pressing question about this movie is WHY ARE THERE BOMBERS IN SPACE WHERE GRAVITY IS NEGLIGIBLE?

FYI, I’m having the same issues with texts sticking to the bottom of the screen. Ancient iPhone 6S.

Woah, are they really gonna go with that steering wheel? So cool, I wonder if it hints at an ultra-quick, go-kart-like steering ratio...

I’m in Oregon, so yes, I want it and it’s the coolest thing ever.

Because we are mired in a sea of meaninglessness and all is lost, that’s why.

It’s too late for you. All is lost.

We’ll just create (more) bullshit jobs to keep everyone busy.

Seriously, though, foie gras is gross.

Good to see Portland, OR made the list. Traffic blows over here. But worse, driving in general is a nightmare in this city. Short blocks + horrible road conditions + lots of pedestrians and bike riders = I’d rather walk or stay home.

If you’re gonna wait in line at McDonald’s for Szechuan sauce... the joke’s on you.

Oh man! Remember the PANG 54 Relay Racing series? Nothing like seeing a PANG skitter down the shale-strewn slopes of Mt. Bulkreschd, the fake sack of mule buds jangling around in the right-hand bucket. And those sack tossers, f’ing insane. Once I saw a gal make a 83-pointer at a distance of .3 mentiks, while traveling Read more