Sep 18

I don't understand this article. Why didn't you publish something earlier?  It wasn't as perfect as you'd hoped and hyped and you didn't want egg on your faces?  

Sep 18

Uh, you mean India? And what are we talking about that is intellectual property? A 1950's Jeep? Every part of the Roxor was different, even before the alien makeover. Hell, this thing never even came close to aping something like Cobra kit cars have done for decades.

Sep 17

Around here the answer is two words: manual transmission Read more

Sep 17

Ugly as hell, but I still like it. Stelliffyllis, Shittellus, or whatever FCA is called now can still shove it.  Would 100% love to waltz this ugly middle finger around some Jeeps on a tight trail.

Sep 15

I'm shocked that I had to scroll this far to see this comment. That car is a 370Z with some SEMA work done to it. 

Sep 15

It’s a heavily facelifted 370z. As a former 350z owner (I really enjoyed it), the interior especially is basically identical, with limited updates suggesting a refresh rather than a new model. Read more

Sep 9

We’ll change the convo when you guys get your reliability straight. Until then...

Sep 9

Please submit your resume. 

Sep 9

You get them from U-Line or they are in your shipping dept. No need to go to Home Depot. Pallet Strapping Corner Piece. 

Sep 2

I’m a little mystified by this list. I would have thought outdoor adventure vehicles would have jumped up in price given the need for everyone to suddenly be outside at once.  

Sep 1

The only reason I think I want this car is that I can’t buy one. If they actually brought it to the US, I wouldn’t care about it at all. Read more

Aug 31

They should totally go to the expense to federalize this car. They would easily sell tens of them in the US.
Read more

Aug 28

Clearly whoever made the rhyme, did the crime

Aug 28

Has Hyundai tried explaining to the owners “whoever smelt it, dealt it?” Read more

Aug 28

You know that shade of green is uses for green screens specifically because its a shade you do not see very often because its jarring and uncomfortable. Why would you wear clothes of that color. No one looks good as a lime Popsicle.

Aug 22

‘Murica. Freedom. You can’t tell us what to do. Man up and race. Ain’t gonna let some little virus spoil it for our fans. Some shit like that.

Oh, I almost forgot, this isn’t a big deal, and Jalopnik is only reporting this as part of the giant liberal, socialist media conspiracy to have us live in fear.

Aug 20

When Jeep’s first “Advantage” is heritage, my response is,