2:27 PM

For whatever it’s worth coming from an internet rando, my heart goes out to you.

1:24 PM

I lost my wife, who was only 36, earlier this month and losing someone so young, unexpectedly, just doesn’t feel real. It feels like she is just out of town and will come walking through the door any moment. The sadness that comes when you realize that will never happen can be incredibly overwhelming. Read more

3:57 PM

I’m just going to say, that of all the criticisms I might make of RoS, “needs more Hayden Christensen” was NOT one that came to mind. :P

12:54 AM

He hates windmills because he was in a dispute about them in Scotland involving the view from his idiotic golf course. It’s the level he operates on. This dispute didn’t go exactly how he wanted it to go, so he’ll forever consider windmills to be his enemy and he’ll stop at nothing to enact his revenge against them, Read more

6:49 AM

The Rise of Skywalker showed that the new trilogy really needed to be planned out ahead of time. I don’t think the ideas were bad but the execution was lacking, mostly because it seemed like everything was shoved into just this movie to make it work, instead of gradually throughout the trilogy (I unlike many people Read more

5:40 PM

My biggest problem with Solo was that the main character wasn’t as interesting as the side characters. Read more

2:18 AM

It was her own lightsaber.  The hilt was about twice the width of a normal saber (I assume a double bladed) and it looked like it was designed from her old staff. 

12:15 PM

Serial adventures are great fun. Dumb serial adventures are not. This movie demonstrated an utter lack of creativity, and involved putting characters in “adventurous” situations that existed solely to be adventurous, not because the story naturally led them there. Rey sailing over rough waters to get to the Death Star Read more

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I hope this bastard goes utterly broke defending his wretched life. And I mean broke. Not just “not as rich” or “had to sell a vacation home.” I mean ragged ass, skint, Dickensean slum dweller broke. 

9:18 PM

Serious question as this determines whether or not I see this mess in theatres: is Kylo’s redemption supposed to be...real? Read more

12:12 PM

BTW - not really a fan of actors showing up in movies for NO other reason than the director likes them.

10:28 AM

So I guess at the end of the new trilogy, Rey, a seemingly humble peasant on a backwater planet, turned out to be the descendent of a powerful and evil Sith, learned the ways of the force, helped to defeat the Empire, redeemed a fallen Skywalker, killed emperor Palpatine, and presumably went off to start a new Jedi Read more

3:11 PM

This is a wonderful explanation of how and why the last two movies have felt so small. You’re absolutely right that the old movies had ACTUAL THINGS GOING ON in the background all the time (the Hoth base is a notable scene in my mind). Now, if you get anything at all, which you often don’t, it’s just so small and Read more

3:01 PM

I don’t think it’s terribly inconsistent. TPM is set at the end of a time of relative peace and prosperity in the Republic. There is no central military force. Planets have their own individual styles and construction methods. The Naboo ships, for example, are supposed to be the product of fastidious craftsmanship. We Read more

10:56 AM

I think that JJ Abrams is really interested in shooting specific ‘set piece’ action scenes that he thinks will be amazing, and he’s perfectly fine with hand-waving anything that needs to be done to get the ‘characters’ in place to set up those sequences. It’s the same in his Star Trek movies. Suddenly Earth and the Read more

6:34 AM

Another TLJ hater here. I’m in the same boat as HOJUX, but on a personal note, the idea of JJ himself being taken down a peg does fill me a with a certain amount of glee for reasons that date back to his handling of Star Trek. Read more

4:30 AM

As a TLJ hater, I assure you I take no pleasure in this. I want to like Star Wars again... But this whole new trilogy has been poorly handled. It’s not the actors, but the writing, directing, and production decisions are legit bonkers.  So much potential has been wasted.