Sep 17

Is their mothers’ name Martha by chance?

Sep 14

I quite enjoyed Outer Worlds myself.

Sep 14

Ouch. I guess I can afford that, but geeze, maybe I should just by Minecraft for my kid once and for all. I’ve still been playing Borderlands 3, and that’s not included, so yeah I should probably cancel and resub if something big comes out. 

Sep 10

While the game could have been better, I appreciated the fact I could play a Fallout style game without having to dedicate 150+ hours to getting through it all.

Sep 9

It’s going to look awesome choked with dust. 

Sep 8

This is a dickless model anyway so you don’t have to access it directly very often. Read more

Sep 8

Scorpio>>>>>any of these names

Sep 8

That’s not the point of the console. It’s basically a game pass machine, it’ll run everything fine at 1080p for people that just want something to play. This isn’t designed for people that read Kotaku, but it’ll have an audience.

Aug 26

Truthfully, it’s -very- uncommon for next-gen consoles to have titles that really -sell- the hardware and make clear that it’s worth upgrading at the start.
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Aug 10

I’m going to reserve judgement until I find out whether Daft Punk is doing the soundtrack again.

Aug 9

it felt like i was having a stroke while writing this story

Jul 28

It takes effort and a ton of resources to disarm a nuke; and while expensive, not as much effort to build one. The self-gains for having them are pretty good too, so it takes a lot of legit sacrifice, selflessness and teamwork to disarm all the nukes. Read more

Jul 26

Can’t be sad with ice cream!

Dec 20

“Get your stupid sandwich out of my face!”

Dec 20

That doesn’t really change anything, though. If I order a sandwich and someone brings me a meatball sub, I’m still gonna balk because it’s a really stupid sandwich I would never expect anyone would bring me, but that doesn’t change it being a sandwich.