Jan 26

This girl is in danger, and I'm baffled that anyone is giving Kellyanne Conway of all people the benefit of the doubt here. 

Jan 26

According to Claudia he took off recently-ish, and left the kids alone with the clearly (allegedly) abusive Kellyann. So yeah, another “family values” Republican.

Jan 26

She also posted recently that if she ever comes on and retracts things or issues an apology (like the letter from before), please know that she is being forced by her parents to do so.

And then, as you point out, this morning she jumped on and retracted things and issued an apology. Like clockwork. 

Jan 26

I feel like anyone who supported Trump had to have been fundamentally broken in some way to justify doing so in the first place

Jan 26

You don’t have to have read Mommie Dearest or saw the movie to know that women can be monsters to their kids, while appearing normal and loving to everyone else. I am also aware that some teens are manipulative liars trying to get their way too and this girl gets the smart manipulation thing from both parents. But my Read more

Jan 26

Brought to you by the party of family values!

Sep 21

I loved this episode so much. It might be my favourite so far. We learn what Ji-ah is. And we learn what Atticus has become during the war. What was their relationship. And why he stayed in Florida instead of coming home. Read more

Sep 20

Joelle and I really aren’t on the same page with this series... this episode was the best of the season for me, and yet it’s the only one so far to get less than an A grade. Opinions sure are weird, huh? Read more

Aug 27

“I have been cancelled by the radical left!”--any conservative grifter, who is currently complaining about being “cancelled” on national television

Aug 26

How is it that I’ve known about this horribly persecuted, silent majority and every last one of their grievances in detail for 40 fucking years?

Aug 26

I’ll never forget Savannah Guthrie making it her mission to try and sanitize what Sandmann did by giving him a bunch of softball questions.

Aug 26

Sandmann is exactly the little piece of shit we all thought he was, and is still playing the victim, suing people for being exactly who we though he was.

Jun 6 2018

Toni Collette is a GODDAMN TREASURE....ok, an Australian goddamn treasure but nevertheless. MURIEL’S WEDDING FOR LIFE!