dtg11 - is probably on an adventure with Clifford
Oct 14

Xterra was my fault, I lost the title but thankfully I found it so now I have to get it in my name. With the Pontiac title, I finally got a notice after 12 weeks of what taxes were due. I know things slowed down with Covid, but that should normally only take 2-3 weeks.

Oct 6

This is the perfect car for my brother. Actually capable on mild off-road, but without the compromise of an actual off-roader. He frequents lots of hiking trails and nature sites for work and recreation, so it’d be very useful for him. He really likes my Xterra, but the fuel economy and ride quality trade offs kill it Read more

Oct 1

A few years ago, I was actually able to tour the Earthroamer factory thanks to a connection on LiveandLetDiecast. It was really amazing seeing how much work goes into those. The price makes more sense when you see the quality of the craftsmanship. It was also cool seeing the XD truck while it was still in development.

Sep 29

Most food I’ve ever carried? It was exactly 1 week after I got my Xterra. No SR20, but it was twelve 20lb boxes of produce and 11 25lb boxes of dairy products. Had to fold the seats, left one up because I had 3 people including myself in their. Entire car smelled like I’d crashed through the produce section of a Read more