dtg11 - is probably on an adventure with Clifford
Aug 4
Updates on my fleet

My G37: I’ve decided to keep it for now, but if someone offers an interesting trade, I might take it. I installed

Aug 2
What would Oppo do?

Since I’m at 205k miles my G37 and it’s got some needed but moderately expensive maintenance coming up, I’ve been

May 29
At least 35% better

Now that I’ve tinted my G37x. 35% on the front, 5% everywhere else. Easily the best $120 I’ve spent on this car.

May 1
Calling all KC Oppos!!

I’m picking up a car at the KC Copart today  (more on that later). I’m hoping it’s good, but if something goes wrong

Apr 9
Storm Damaged Cars

After jaxwagen’s post about the tornado damaged Lincoln, what are your favorite storm damaged car pictures?

Feb 22

Initial impressions? Great mod for the price, now I need to do sway bars after I get my springs installed. Good

Feb 17
Finally Back

This post has been a long time coming, but I got home 3 weeks ago after spending 3 weeks in Africa. It was an

Feb 12
Art Ideas

After a harsh winter, the art fender is looking worse for wear. No real surprise. So now I call upon you to tell me

Feb 6
Exhaust Clip

A few months ago, I took the mufflers off my G37. Is it obnoxious? Yes. Is it loud? Yes. Do I love it? Also yes. I