D's Reign of Error
Jan 24

Kong beat the brakes off Godzilla for that entire trailer. Folded his ass with one right hook.

Jan 24

First clip already released, and frankly, with Kong mastering the skies, our boy G-Zilla is gonna be in deep trouble.

Jan 23

Larry was clearly a huge Sonic fan. Of the two people in that interview, only he knew Sonic’s famous catchphrase, as seen on this poster for the movie:

Jan 11

Conservatives use a lot of words that they don’t understand the meaning of. 

Jan 5

he joins a chorus of privileged public figures who have felt a need to speak out against this maligned “cancel culture”—which tends to actually consist of marginalized communities speaking out against sustained, systemic abuse Read more

Dec 21

There may be widely varying opinions on the Best Hollywood Chris, but you have united us all when it comes to the Worst AV Club Take.

Dec 8

Jared Leto personally introduces Jared Leto as Jared Leto, for Jared Leto’s approval of Jared Leto.

Nov 10

I work in a big port on the west coast, and it seems like at least once a month a ship comes in from China filled with wind turbines. Most of them are sent up the Columbia River Gorge to the wind farms on the east side of the Cascade Mountains. Each ship has a couple dozen turbine blades (each nearly as long as a Read more

Nov 9

Well, we can start by not saying “defund the police”, because for as liberal as I am and understanding the complexities involved in that, I still thought that it was a dumb fucking slogan that would scare the bejesus out of old white people. Read more

Oct 30

Not sure if this link will work, but here’s a photo of a platypus fluorescing:

Oct 19

I don’t think Harris or Warren (or any of the prominent Democratic women candidates) could win the Presidency in 2020. I don’t know whether they can in 2024 either. There are plenty of women, too, who just ‘feel more comfortable’ with a man in the White House. It’s maddening.

Oct 11

I don’t think “firmly liberal” really describes him. He’s more like a bemused contrarian who has contempt for sanctimony and preciousness in all its forms. He rejects the idea that it is mandatory to agree with or embrace any prevailing idea and pretty clear rejects what he thinks of as PC culture even if he doesn’t Read more