D's Reign of Error
Jul 29

When people say that “most americans” dont support trump, then you have to wonder why the most watched tv show is trumps mouth piece. One of the numbers is lying Read more

Jul 24

So you're tellin me you can just PAY celebrities to say random shit? 

Jun 25

My wife is super excited! New Orleans square is her favorite part of the park and this will fit right in. Most people don’t remember TPATF because they never saw it in the first place, but its actually really good and has a lot of material to mine from for a ride. Read more

May 26

The current global child fertility rate is just below 2.5 children per woman. Overpopulation is a red herring. The real problem is that a small fraction of the people are consuming most of the resources.  Read more

May 19

Distinctive gait - I wonder how long it will take a biomechanic to do an analysis. Not a lot to work with but better than nothing.
Read more

May 12

I think taht what she was getting at is that there’s a lot of question-begging in evolutionary psychology - people tend to assume their conclusions and work backwards from them. Not all of it, of course, but she’s perfectly correct in saying that there’s a great deal of justifying of bad behaviour based upon Read more

Feb 24

Don’t nobody tell these elephants we used to make the keys out of ‘em.

Feb 14

The fuck is that animal?

This is a real badger, not your cheap-o, knock-off, post-colonial, have-a-nice-day, bacon-and-waffles, stetson-wearing, lumberjack, mardi-gras, golden-gate, boy-howdy, four-score-and-seven-years, Dixie, Yankee bullshit American Badger.

Feb 14

Look even closer! The leather of the cape is made from the hide of his dead parents!!

Feb 14

All I remember is that Bruce developed an unreasonable hatred of Rock music.

Feb 13

Did something happen to the Waynes that involved a gun? I feel like this hasn’t really been addressed in any of the comics, movies, cartoons, or TV shows. Read more