D's Reign of Error
Jul 24

This is incorrect. Underwriters purchase the debt from the issuer and sell it to their clients and other brokers. That’s how the spread is created. Read more

Jul 23

Banks are essential because they underwrite the debt. Oil companies don’t issue their bonds directly to the market they go through a syndicate which is generally all banks. Read more

Feb 6

He got the medal because he has a gold microphone. You know DJT wishes he thought of it first.

Dec 16

Boom! Lindelof said in his interview with Rolling Stone, “Well, there is one piece of IP that you have yet to see, and that is the final Peteypedia entry, which will drop on Sunday night. I’m not saying it’s going to definitively answer your question, but it will certainly add lube to the fire. Read more

Dec 6

Lady Trieu is able to predict things before they happen. So she seems to have an ability to see her own timeline, similar to Dr Manhattan. OR he gave her a road map. Read more

Nov 18

Yes, glad someone else pointed out it’s Jupiter. Almost certainly Europa based on the surface.

Nov 12

Any chance Lube Man is Petey? I’m going on slender man body type. Seems likely he would have some alter-ego.

Oct 9

This comments section seems to be a lot of gentiles talking about things they don’t understand. Exhibit A: this comment