Wow. I watched the video expecting to see some serious, boarding type stuff and all I saw was a minor check in the back that probably wouldn't even be called a foul in basketball. The reason the guy hurt his leg is because it got caught underneath him when he slid. 15 games for that was bullcrap. Read more

Jesus. I like Android's design fine, but I would NEVER have put someone who shaves and dresses like that in charge of a design project. Read more

I would direct you to the word "similar" in that sentence... Read more

"Perhaps, instead of making war, the Harappans were devoting their money and energy to city infrastructure planning" Read more

Wait. They SIGNED a WRITTEN CONTRACT detailing illegal match fixing? That seems insane to me. Who the fuck documents in written form the crime they're about to commit? Read more

Well, it beats the "I make $600 an hour at home working on my computer" posts. Read more

It's funny because he has a foot fetish. Read more

I have to assume Rex thought of something much, much different when he heard he'd be watching "footy." Read more

Yeah, Ghana totally dominated the U.S. They were behind for literally 86 minutes of the match. Total domination, bro. Read more

He's literally the worst soccer writer. Every goal is the best ever. Just brutal Read more

Jags-Browns? Whatever you're in to buddy. Read more

Oh...that's it? Did he have an invisible hatchet or something? Read more

Didn't work with my son. He's too scared to ever play again. Thinks every time you fall on the grass you break your leg. Read more

Somehow it's so perfect that a Portland TV reporter unveils a US team jersey... for cycling. Read more

"We fucking won a group match!!" Read more

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This should be on the Deadspin frontpage. Just so you guys have the slightest idea.

i thought i'd have fun with my neighbor and put some gallium on my kitchen knife over night... relished the idea of the look on his face while i stabbed him in the chest and see the knife just crumple into shreds! HILARITY! Read more