May 24 2018

THIS! It’s infuriating trying to discern what reviews are for which version.

May 13 2018

Yep. One of the worst instances is for PC cases, where four radically different cases are reviewed as though they’re the same item.
> There’s no way to tell which is which with amazon
Actually there is, but the option is kind of hidden. First click on “see all 798 customer reviews”. Then when the next page opens, there Read more

May 13 2018

This is a huge problem with vinyl from Amazon; I want to know the quality of the press, as that’s the single most important factor, and since vinyl is niche compared to CD and digital, those reviews are hard to find.

May 12 2018

It’s hard to say which is worse: reviews for multiple products mixed in together (I recently came across a set of reviews for a book, in which many of the reviews were for a different book!), or the fake reviews. But Amazon compounds these problems by being completely unresponsive to customers who report instances of Read more

May 11 2018

True. The latest extras-packed Blu-Ray DVD of X movie has reviews of the no-frills DVD of movie X from a few years back. Not the same thing.

Apr 11 2018

They’re actually looking through his crotch, at his wallet in his back pocket. Like Superman, except hoes. I believe the prophet Soulja Boy wrote of this 

Mar 28 2018

People can be really smart about some stuff and clueless about one tiny insignificant thing. Take this example: I have a round wooden cutting board that has a small round indentation in it, presumably for momentarily storing bits of whatever you’re chopping. I use this board when I’m cutting pizza so that I don’t Read more

Feb 16 2018

Anything less than 3 monitors is legitimately painful for me.
It wasn’t always that way. There was a time that I only knew a world where one monitor was enough. I was young. Innocent. Naive.
But then a friend came to me and regaled the splendor of multiple monitors. “Surely, he jests” I thought, “No human can use two Read more

Jan 2 2018

Any cryptocurrency list without Dogecoin is incomplete