3/31/20 11:14AM

Lol, the cover picture is very fitting!

10/13/19 7:07PM

This is going too far. She perfectly recreated the character. She’s not saying that his skin color is a costume, she is treating the whole character as one. What was she supposed to do, make the character white? Then wouldn’t there be people shitting on her for black erasure? Should males complain because she is Read more

9/16/19 9:40AM

What absolutely miserable human beings these people reporting her must be

8/08/19 8:57PM

Gamma some Vodka and I Beta I can get drunk!

7/18/19 2:01AM

Dj Professor K is spot on!
These are really cool.
Also, I demand a remaster/remake.

7/10/19 9:30AM

Jesus Christ, it’s for kids. Seriously calm down, the Pro is coming. The rumors that hit was for a Lite and a Pro, here’s the Lite. If you already own a switch whats the problem? If you don’t already have one, you’re clearly not that interested in the system. 

7/10/19 8:28AM

Parents. Parents buy this for kids, just like the 3DS. It’s amazing how many of you still don’t understand Nintendo. 

4/25/19 11:15AM

Essentially admitting that exclusivity deals are due to some pissing match between them and Valve rather than being anywhere near an attempt at being pro-consumer.

4/12/19 11:07AM

>parasitic take
Why is it not okay for Steam specifically to have the 30% cut? Its the same cut that iTunes store, Google Play, GoG take. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony all take approximately 30% on digital as well. Gamestop and other retailers take 20-25% ballpark on physical retail releases, but things get murkier Read more

4/12/19 10:54AM

Uplay, Origin, and B.net are company stores for Ubisoft, EA, and Activision Blizzard respectively. They bypassed (or in Blizzard’s case, never sold on) Steam to sell directly to customers. Even then, Ubi will sell on Steam, then force you into Uplay as an updater/launcher anyway. GoG Galaxy is a CD Projekt division, Read more

4/12/19 10:31AM

Valve has to have a ton of overhead with all the servers they run, the constant updates from security threats, the market, VR, the community, and countless other things that Epic store does not have. I find it crazy that it even has to be mentioned. Read more

4/08/19 8:57PM

I mean, there’s a ton of stuff. Account security. More launchers. Existing friend networks. Feature set. Price competition from authorized key resellers.

Every argument I seem to see for EGS either a)says that since that person doesn’t care about those things, no one else does or can; b)has vague promises about Read more

4/08/19 8:42PM

There is zero benefit to the customer when Epic nabs an exclusive for themselves, and several tangible negatives. It’s pretty straightforward to understand, and so thank you for this breakdown.

4/04/19 6:41PM

The Epic Store isn’t giving more money to developers, as this deal was done with 2k, and not Gearbox. This is just more money to line the pockets of executives, and overall, the EGS tacks on plenty of fees the customer has to pay for. Ultimately games there aren’t going to be cheaper, or earning developers more money.
Read more

12/05/18 4:20PM

Apparently Epic doesn’t employ any non-white people, nor have they stolen from anyone but black people. Yeah stealing sucks, but this wasn’t targeted at any particular color of skin, nor was it a result of negligence towards skin color. Read more

11/21/18 7:26AM

Assuming that the seems legit is sarcastic look at it from an outside perspective for a sec, you’ve got a certified british cutie who swears profusely but in a way social numpties will find absolutely magnetic. Read more