Kit Harrington's hair contract
Oct 28

I hope Zion makes a full recovery and spends the next 15 years ripping off the basketball ring on dunks, but Morant’s athleticism and vision always meant that he was a safe bet. If he can get his jumper to the point where he can hit 38% on 3s and have a midranger to use late in games, he’ll be a multi-time All-Star.

Jun 30 2019

The odds of Kyrie poisoning the locker room before Durant ever sets foot on the court is better than a planet flip. 

May 16 2019

Can’t tell you how many text messages I exchanged with friends seriously worrying about the health of a person I have never met and will likely never meet. Read more

May 16 2019

Jesus, man. This is harrowing. Like everyone else in the comments, I’m glad things didn’t go differently. Read more

May 14 2019

I would love for all the Bernie supporters to come and tell us again about how Hillary is just as bad as Trump. If the challenges to any of these new laws end up in the Supreme Court, given 

May 14 2019

Good for her! Enough with this “ gotta hear both sides” nonpartisan horseshit. She’s not going to change anybody’s mind with the Fox viewing audience; those people are, for all intents and purposes, gone and they are never coming back

May 12 2019

Credit where it’s due: Emilia Clarke has usually not been much more than a decent actress (though I’ve often defended her from critics who assert she’s bad, which I don’t think she has been), but she has been absolutely wonderful this season, even as the writing for her character has turned into a trainwreck. Read more

May 12 2019

Honestly maybe even worst served than Dany’s arc was Jaime’s.

What in the seven hells was Jaime’s plan? Did he seriously want to run back to Cersei, even when it was clear she hired a hitman to kill him? The framing of their death being tragic was really weird.

May 10 2019

Trump conman playbook page 1: Always go for the easier, more vulnerable mark.

May 10 2019

I know there’s nothing remotely surprising about this. But it really fucks with my head how pathetic the President of the United States truly is.

May 10 2019

How does anyone listen to this wee little chudlet and think he’s an authority on anything?

May 7 2019

The Barca defense was paying attention to Xherdan Shaqiri as he trotted to the flag, but Alexander-Arnold rushed back to the ball and slipped it to a waiting Origi. Read more

May 7 2019

Is there a greater Liverpool cult hero than Divock Origi? Looked destined for stardom until an awful injury, always found scoring the most timely goals. Fuck, I love him. Read more

May 7 2019

Sorry, I’ll respond here later when I can finally pick my jaw up from off the ground.