Kit Harrington's hair contract
May 23 2019

Trump’s supposed exoneration in the Russia investigation (such that it is, since his coordination with Putin and Russian actors was not “established”) rests in large part on his and his team’s inability to organize a two car funeral. Are we really supposed to believe this parade of doofuses is acting in any other way Read more

Feb 11 2019

I would probably broadly agree with just about everything Omar believes wrt Israel. But knowing how fraught of an issue this is, and how prepared to make bad faith attacks the GOP is, using a song lyric from the 90s to address this issue was not wise. Read more

Jun 25 2018

The only thing I have to say is that I don’t hear this tut-tuting about people standing outside abortion clinics calling every person coming and going sinners and worse. Which in every way is way more harmful and evil than shouting at Nielsen or Sanders attempting to eat at a restaurant.

May 25 2018

I broadly agree with you. I think there’s a profitable grift out there for a never Trump conservative who secretly agrees with about 90% of Trump’s agenda and then is willing to trash him occasionally to legitimize their never trump bonafides. Read more

May 17 2018

By no means am I suggesting this isn’t awful and should be dealt with, but the disproportionate amount that they are covered would lead someone to think our country is being absolutely overrun. They’re being used as avatars for all immigrants by racists who want to keep America white.

May 17 2018

I’m honestly sick of even hearing about MS-13. If it weren’t for this administration’s insistence on conflating this gang with all immigrants, I doubt I, a pretty hefty consumer of news, would have ever even heard about them. This is all racist bullshit, and Trump and this administration deserve no benefit of the Read more