David Bowie
Sep 17

awwww yeah I’m hoping for a lot of discovery disputes, some standing motions, maybe...dare I even hope...an interlocutory appeal (crosses fingers)?

Jun 4

That quote is very, very misleading. He said it in response to the organizer saying they wouldn’t be able to let all the elected officials speak at the gathering. To which this guy was indicating he wanted to speak. That’s when he said if he wasn’t in a primary he wouldn’t care [about speaking at the meeting when Read more

Jun 2 2018

I hear you... What these fights need are some better video game style effects! For your consideration.

Mar 16 2018

I’m just so confused why they decided to remaster and rerelease what is universally considered the worst Burnout game instead of Burnout 3: Takedown, the unanimous choice for BEST Burnout game, and one much more in need of an HD remaster. Hell, get Burnout and Burnout 2 in there, too!

Jan 29 2018

Be careful what you wish for, especially if you don’t work in the tech industry. You’ll be priced out of the city you love in a few years and won’t see any infrastructure improvements, as we in Seattle found out. Good luck.

Dec 18 2017

Nice of him to wait a few years out of respect before pulling out the Gaddafi ensemble.

Dec 7 2017

You know, someday I really hope the MCU gets saturated with continuity that they can do something like this from time to time:

Nov 28 2017

If you put $5,000 into a humor detector on January 1, 2017, then you’d be able to comprehend the meaning behind my comment today. Have fun with that knowledge.

Mar 14 2017

No threat intended, just expresses my feelings towards EDM.

Mar 5 2017

I Love You, Honeybear is a great album that touches on moments of genuine sincerity, irony, and self-loathing that can arise while being in love. It’s a recent favorite album of mine.

But I think FJM is just constantly pulling shit that’s at odds with his work on that record, is extremely tiring, and (understandably) Read more

Dec 11 2015

Oooh, the Brown Line! Then you can take 45 fucking minutes to go 4 stops in a train car that was built before you were born. Have fun with that.

Dec 11 2015

Considering I’m reading this on the Red Line, across from a 300 lb guy that is destroying a Popeye’s Meal Box in record time, I agree. Read more

Dec 11 2015

Why would you print that out and use it to wipe? They sell paper specifically for wiping your butt. Also, you need more fiber if it takes you an hour to poop.