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Someone’s gotta be the smart ass, right?

Not at all from a practicality or utility standpoint, but for looks and speed. The forbidden fruit CLS63 shooting brake gets my vote

Toyota has too many large 3 row SUV/CUVs
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I spoke to the woman who bought mine last weekend. VW still doesn’t have an update ready for her. Read more

I had a 2021 Pro S for 14 months before trading it. It always charged, it always drove. The design was good, the interior was spacious, the seats were good but not great. The infotainment though, just like everyone has read, was atrocious. I would have to pull the interior door handle, sometime three times, before the Read more

It would solve a whole lot of problems if we got a solid third of the people off the roads and into public transportation.

Kind of sucks but it might be the right thing to do.  Read more

Low income workers normally buy new cars? Read more

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You like that? You’ll love the new Lal Supre Drive!

You kids today with your disc brakes don’t know the exhilaration of coming down a twisty road at 45 miles an hour with your safe stopping pegged on a pair of Campy single pull brakes that worked only okay-ish at the best of times... good times. Gooooooood times.  Read more

Flip those bars upside down and really get in touch with your inner Cunningham...

Roller cam brakes fit squarely in the looks cooler than it works category. Enjoy fidgeting with them endlessly :)  Read more

Yes I am. Luckily, my charging is free, so I don’t mind that it’s slow. If I were to work from the office, it would also be free, but also faster :) Read more

You’re driving an ID4 too? Read more

lol no kidding. whenever we have to plug our car in at home, it’s as if it’s trying to drink a swimming pool thru one of those tiny red coffee stirring straws.  Read more

That’s not “sipping!” That’s not sipping at all! That’s downing a Super Big Gulp in one swallow! Read more

Neutral. Mine is doing quiet well. Sipping on some electrons.

Weep for the VCR repairmen. Read more

A better example to me are typewriters. Hundreds of little parts to make and assemble replaced by..well..nothing for the most part. Just digital messages.
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This was my take as well, they really could have said if we transition to EVs too slow we will loose market share and sell less vehicles therefore needing less employees Read more

The statement is that they’ll lose jobs if they transition too slowly to EVs. Presumably the argument is based on the expectation that they’d lose revenue as other automakers overtook them. Doesn’t seem unreasonable even if the 30k figure is complete BS.
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