For death by fire, how did you find a stock photo of Raymond Blanc having dinner with a panda? Read more

Dunno why, but I pronounce Alcantara like Al-Han-Tra. Read more

Aren’t Canadian’s supposed to be reasonable people? Read more

The Toyota Camry of Greenwich, CT.

Agreed! I will admit for a “mission in life” though, it seems like you could aim higher... Read more

James May is crying in a shower somewhere right now. Read more

That tesla looks way better than usual. Read more

Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity chef now. Really nothing hardcore about him at all. Read more

“Why is it the Russians always seem to have all the good, crazy ideas?”

“Lets shorten a panamera and take away the grill.” Musk: “Do it.” Read more

Looks great. I don’t see a problem. Read more

Nicely done Mike! Jelly as always. Read more

“And a great color combination to boot. I hope Kaufman shoots more random rascaling videos like this. Ken Block and B.J. Baldwin need some rivals on the small screen.” Read more

Inexcusable. Both Bowie’s actions, and your choice to bring this story to light now just to get your article more views. Read more

Demo actually starts at 3:15... if you’re like me and can’t stand listening to Metalfe drone on. Am I the only one who finds his reviews to be the dullest in the industry? Read more

There seems to be some slight engine vibrations. Read more