Dr. Mabuse
Aug 2 2017

That’s pretty much it. Humbert Humbert was the definition of an unreliable narrator. It wasn’t to glorify the relationship at all, but instead showed it as gross abuse between a middle aged man and a twelve-year-old. H.H. could be funny in the book, and it was written with beautiful, flowery prose, but it was hardly Read more

Jul 2 2017

Just remember: this tweet with this meme is going to be in the presidential archives forever.

Feb 19 2017

I feel like the only reason McCain says anything negative about Trump at all is because Trump gets to be president when he never did. Aside from the whole Russia thing, McCain doesn’t have too much of a problem with what Trump is doing. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have rubber-stamped nearly all of his cabinet picks.

Dec 7 2016

The Americans did a great job of it too. Elizabeth being a victim was about her more than anything, and it didn’t turn her into a badass, as she already was one. Phillip was deeply disturbed by it, but it was more about Elizabeth than anyone else.

Dec 1 2016

Way to completely miss the point of what I said. People can still fact check. You can fact check until you’re blue in the face. It doesn’t mean people are going to listen when you do so. It’s how you have people saying so many million illegal immigrants voted, when there is no proof of that whatsoever, just because Read more

Dec 1 2016

What’s disturbing is that merely fact-checking does no good anymore. The prevalence of lies and conspiracy theories to live on via social media, which eventually makes them “true”, is so ridiculous and dangerous. You can’t go and say “Actually, x never said ‘y’, he said ‘z’” anymore, because once the lie is out there Read more

Nov 27 2016

Thank you. I’ve written multiple editorials before about gay rights, abortion rights, mental health after Tom Cruise’s railing against Brooke Shields and her using medication for postpartum depression and other things (my grandmother keeps them all in a scrapbook) but I’m really proud of this one. I’m going to be an Read more

Nov 26 2016

I made it through the holidays relatively unscathed, found out my awful uncle chopped off part of his finger Wednesday, which I laughed at because I am a bit of an asshole and view it as karma for five+ decades of being a horror of a human being (and suspect he did it on purpose so he could get drugs) and I got a call

Nov 2 2016

I’m a huge TZ fan- like it’s probably my favorite series of all time- and this is in my top five favorite episodes. And that closing monologue has been going through my head ever since Trump’s star has risen. So when Joseph Stalin (HA!) posted that, I had to share it here.

Oct 24 2016

I remember in my sophomore year of high school, I found one of his comics on the ground. I was showing it to everyone and cracking up at the absurdity. I showed it to one of the girls in my rock band class, saying “can you believe this shit?” and she said to me with a solemn face “This is mine. I’ve been looking for Read more

Oct 22 2016

Salma Hayek is a goddess, and she wouldn’t touch Cheeto Benito with a ten foot pole.

Oct 18 2016

You know, there was some elections fraud in 2012, but it doesn’t prove the point that Cheeto Benito is trying to make. Some asshole in Clackamas County, Oregon was marking blank spots on ballots for a straight Republican ticket. But no, let’s not talk about that, because it’s always rigged for the Democrats, right? Read more

Oct 16 2016

Yeah, that’s old news. He was so addled-minded from syphilis that people pitied him in prison and looked out for him, and he spent the remainder of his days in Florida trying to fish in his swimming pool.

Oct 7 2016

It’s sick, but it’s no surprise that Donald is doubling down on this one. He can’t ever admit he’s wrong. Hell, the only reason he admitted Barack Obama was born in the US was so he could make himself out to be the hero that ended the shenanigans. These young men suffered terribly, and the case brought out a serious Read more

Oct 6 2016

Not so easy to evacuate when you don’t have the money to travel and get the fuck out of dodge.

Oct 6 2016

Wasn’t Melanie Griffiths or Michelle Pfeiffer (I get those two mixed up) a part of a cult that believed that water and sun was all you needed for nourishment? The Breatharians, I think?