Downton Flabby (the movie)
Apr 12

It’s a small thing compared to a life, but jesus, FUCK this department for flying that flag.

Apr 12

There is no such fucking thing. You can have an intentional discharge, or a negligent discharge. There is no “accidental” discharge. That is basic firearms safety, page one stuff. Claiming accidental is flat out disingenuous bullshit. Neither Gannon nor this unnamed cop are fit to hold a firearm, nor fit to be a cop, Read more

Apr 5

Since the attempted coup, The Root has documented at least 25 law enforcement officials armed and dangerous gang members with white supremacist ties who attended the Jan. 6 events, including... Read more

Mar 31

What I don’t understand about most Christians is their fixation on just SOME sins: abortion, sex and homosexuality (formerly race-mixing, sex and marijuana?). They’re never so virulently angry against the things the Bible EXPLICITLY says God, HIMSELF, hates: haughty eyes (people who are ok with separating migrant Read more

Mar 25

I bought my gun last year and took training to learn how to shoot and maintain it. I am very happy I did. As a female, no one is going to protect me but me... Now I am applying for my concealed carry permit... I would hate to shoot someone but if its going to be me or him, I would rather it be him. 

Mar 24

Just to keep this available (as Kinja comments have a short shelf-life of being seen by most people.)
Read more

Mar 23

“Our relationship as a family is defined by our love for each other, not by any paperwork.” Read more

Mar 23

She’s gonna be facing stiff competition for the upcoming mayoral election coming up from Michelle Wu but at the end of the day, Boston will be better with either at the helm. Read more

Mar 17

They want us to ignore the fact that this guy specifically went to/targeted Asian massage parlors, as the the white guy fetishization of Asian women ain’t a thing. And Georgia has plenty of opportunities for a guy with a “sex obsession” that doesn’t involve a particular race, just like any other city.

Mar 16

He’s done some great movies and TV shows, including Across 110th Street, but this is what I’ll remember him for: trying to look as lovable and non-threatening as possible.

Mar 16

He was fantastic.  A hill I am prepared to die on is the “Homicide” was the first prestige drama  on TV, and set the stage for The Sopranos and The Wire (duh). Consistently outstanding, and oftentimes fucking shattering.  It was an amazing show for broadcast television.  I can watch Andre Braugher interview suspects Read more

Mar 11

I think this should become a meme. Just lots and lots of people in uniform telling Tucker Carlson to fuck off.