Downton Flabby (the movie)
Feb 26

People who think that Massachusetts can’t be racist because it’s politically blue have obviously never gone to a Red Sox game. Spend three beer-soaked hours in Fenway park on any summer afternoon, and you’ll find out how real Massachusetts yokels behave. There’s a reason the term “Massholes” exists.

Jan 25

Non-Asian here. As a college kid in the 80’s (who’d unfortunately been too young to fully experience the Disco era,) New Wave was an evolution in the progression of dance music that provided me the opportunity to experience club life. The music was melodic, sophisticated, well-produced and sounded great in clubs. So

Jan 20

The last four years have reminded me, once again, that black people in America need continually focus attention on being ready to defend themselves from the never-ending white supremacist goal of instituting a neo-Jim Crow in this country. A large chunk of white Americans never give up on this effort; they eat, sleep Read more

Jan 6

I know it’s early to start taking odds, but “Are you OK?,” asked repeatedly of the person who’s lying on the concrete, bleeding profusely from the head, while your vehicle rests on their leg because you just ran over them, has got to be a strong contender for stupidest f’n question of the year.

Jan 4

I ran into AB and “ee-laria” in a parking lot of the Guild Hall theater in East Hampton not long after they started dating. Even back then her need for attention was quite obvious. He stepped out of his vehicle and walked around to open the door for her, which I thought was kind of quaint. She stepped out of the car Read more