U2's performance after 9/11 was really moving.  Read more

Or find a synonym, since prove and proof are awkward in the same sentence. Read more

Also if water is so toxic to them, they wouldn’t be breathing the air.  There’s plenty of water vapor in the air.  Read more

I’d agree, except for the “science” teacher coming off as pretty anti-science. Read more

I saw glass on one of those crappy seat back screens on an airplane. So the experience was perhaps diminished. But yeah the worst thing for me was how Willis’s character just died in a puddle. I don’t think his character should have died. Then the sidekicks going off to expose some super secret org felt a bit lame for Read more

It wasn’t that bad. I just think maybe they should have edited it differently. Perhaps start the movie more from her point of view. Then maybe it could have been more of a mystery thriller as we see the various clues and figure out what happened the same time she did. Then maybe go back to understand pratt’s Read more

I felt like this article needed a reference to the South Park movie.  Read more

Maybe only watch the one or two episodes needed for Pike’s back story.  The less Discovery you watch, the better.   I’ve suffered all of it, but it’s not worth it if you’ve managed to avoid it.  Read more

Didn’t he do another film with that same title?  I saw part or all of it (can’t remember) some years ago.  I seemed like it was a student film from the ‘70s.  Read more

I actually think Jung Ho-yeon deserved it over Snook, but I also think Cox and Strong split the vote and either deserved it over Lee Jung-jae. Perhaps they should do rank choice voting.
The ensemble award for Succession was a no brainer. Read more

What I want to know is... when does The Orville come back?  Read more

Not quite post credit, but at the mid credit mark, while they were showing the ring gate, you could see some red energy bubbling up right before going to regular credits.  So you might have an idea what that suggests... Read more

“At your service, Mr. Underhill...” Read more

This site is unreadable on mobile. What is up with ads you can’t dismiss?

Does everything really have to fall apart?  I would hope that half the population would be able to keep infrastructure going. Read more

Is that a young Steve Urkel? Read more

See this is a show fans actually asked for.  I really hope they can pull it off.  Easily the best thing to come out of Discovery.  Read more

As dumb as this rebranding of the Air Force Space Command is, Rocketeer might not have been a bad name, since part of what they actually do is launch rockets. Though I suppose most of what they do is manage satellites. But then again, most Chair Force Airmen aren’t pilots either. Read more