11/20/15 8:14PM

My dad used to joke when I had braces that all I needed in addition to those railroad tracks were glasses and then I would never find a husband. Read more

11/11/15 6:58PM

Has there ever been any word on the condition of the dog that got bit? Given the size of the snake and the size of his other dog, I am assuming it died.

11/11/15 2:24PM

She lied as much as he did, and was not just willing but eager to make up shit on his behalf. At best she was an enabler, but more likely a co-conspirator.

11/11/15 10:55AM

I love the VS fashion show because it is the actual weirdest thing in America. It's just so goddamn bizarre. Years from now when our civilization is re-discovered, they will have nothing but questions.

11/02/15 2:11PM

I mean, there are plenty of pictures of me from this era in full-Gilmore sartorial horror. Blame the age, not the costumers.

10/30/15 10:35AM

Ugh, I get that she was an amusing storyteller, but I don’t understand how anyone could read that story about violent sex trafficking and a mentally ill-person self-harming and attempting suicide and come away entertained. The whole thing was pretty fucking disturbing.

10/29/15 12:07AM

No one is winning right now. They’re just campaigning. I’m a Bernie fan and will vote for him in the primary. I hope I’ll get to vote for him in the general election. But if Hillary does win the primary, for the sake of all that is decent in this country, we need to support her. There is not one single republican Read more

10/15/15 2:10PM

I served for 5 years. As a pretty white woman, I was fairly high up on the privilege ladder, as far as tips go, so if anyone would “lose” in this scenario, it would be someone like me. And I wholeheartedly support it - and did even when I was serving - because the patent unfairness of our tipping system is SO OBVIOUS Read more

10/13/15 12:26AM

Ha! My dad died two weeks ago tomorrow, and somehow this tribute (?) to your dad touched me. Oh man, my emotions are such a jumbled mess right now.

9/16/15 10:46AM

I’d drink a lot too, if I had to spend that much time around Schaena.

8/28/15 12:20PM

I lost my uterus (I like to say “misplaced” b/c it gets good looks from people) a while back, and it’s a sucky thing to go through. Since I’m sure Kim K is scouring the Jez comments for advice, wink, here are some good things to focus on:
1. You’ll never have to buy tampons again, and you can re-purpose your existing Read more

8/25/15 5:13PM

As someone who had parents who ‘only stayed for the kids’ despite abuse, rampant cheating, and a lot of passive-aggressive silences and also drag-out fights, spending the first 20 years of my and my brother’s lives hating each other, I’m a full advocate of throwing in the towel. Seeing one’s parents move on to Read more