If you have any question about how terrifying Ewoks are, I suggest you play battlefront II Ewok hunt late at night in complete darkness while possibly under the influence of paranoia inducing substances with a high end surround sound system.  Read more

They ate the stormtroopers they killed.  And were playing bongos on their helmets. 
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1. They already had a dress for a humanoid in Leia’s size on hand. What happened to its previous occupant? Read more

Tbe perfect tripartite structure of the climactic battle is one of the reason I love Return of Jedi. The battle alternates between 3 battlefield - a planetside commando raid , a big space fight, and a Jedi duel - but you are never confused nor do you ever feel like one battlefield is just stopping and waiting for the Read more

Everyone seems to forget these guys were going to COOK and EAT the main characters. They’ve always been a little feral. Read more

Dude. The Ewoks have always been terrifying. Read more

Ewoks were *always* bad ass. People laugh because they’re teddy bears and sold a bunch of merchandise, and that is all true. But these are brave stone age warriors, that *eat* people. You know all those stormtrooper helmets being used as drums at the end? Their bodies are roasting over the fire in the background. Read more

See I don’t mind the alien because of what a great metaphor for mental illness it is. It’s invisible, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be deadly. It might not even mean to hurt and maim, but it does so blindly. And “victory” over it may be bitter, or short-lived. Read more

Most people will say the best single episode of New Who is Blink but I’m going to say Vincent and the Doctor. It shows the truly tortured existence of Vincent Van Gogh and his struggle with depression. Unlike many other times when the Doctor and his companion meet a historical figure they seem to make a genuine Read more

........Rudy is The Portrait to H. Weinstein’s Dorian Gray.......................
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The first 30 seconds of her video say it all: I, my, mine, me. ...Instead of ...accepting some degree of culpability... Read more

How fkin Narcissistic do you have to be to walk around with a giant Canon DSLR with with a microphone the size of a Muppets dick attached to it pointed at yourself all day? If I saw someone doing this I would be embarrassed for them.  Read more

I wasn’t expecting her dad to be in the video lol. Read more

Calm the fuck down there, Black Mirror. Read more

I have no sympathy for her. None. Let’s see if her youtube videos pay for all that shopping. And he damn sure should have known better. Read more

I can say with utmost confidence that this dude has the tiniest dick I have never seen. Read more

That’s pretty much up there as the most spectacularly dumb advice I’ve ever heard. Ever. Why would you shovel millions to anybody who thinks this way?

I feel the same way about pre-nups, but...they’re not a bad idea. Read more

I feel so weird when the NFL does something right for a change. Read more