Clearly you don’t know how federal contracting works: it takes weeks or months to get something posted. This was probably reviewd by 50 people before being posted.

Cute, but the Amish are not a monolithic groups who all do not use electricity. Plus they survive by selling their wares to English.

Look downthread, in reply to Sarah’s reply ;-)

I was referring to a chain of hotels (is Malm also a chain of hotels) but yes that also.

Markup often breaks Kinja. Couldn’t take the chance.

It’s been a terrible week, so why not be terrible Friday?

Sigh, humor, it’s not something you get, is it. Sheldon, is that you?

Actually they do. You can have tear ducts sealed by a doctor, usually with removable wax inserts.

Amen. We use lower flow urinals and I’m sure they want to install something like this and the bathrooms are already way too small for the total employee count.

Sarcasm, it’s a thing. Go home child.

Really? Have you thought about having your tear ducts surgically sealed?

The fact that you’re looking so much for external validation may be an issue. Good work is its own reward. Read more