4:49 PM

Sanderson said that the very last chapter was completely his, with minimal editing (which I took to be copyediting) from Harriet.

5:50 PM

Anyone in a factory is fucked. Straight up. My wife is stay at home and if it becomes real bad, my stepdaughter won’t have school. But I’ll have to keep going out to work because otherwise the tax refund I’m getting will run out in a month versus 6 months of 50+ hrs weeks.

Scares the shit out of me considering my wife Read more

12:16 PM

No, no, no. Entitlements are what the Democrats are calling Social Security and Medicare because apparently reasons. I had a coworker bitching about how they want to call them entitlements and I lit her up.

1) It’s the GOP, who you praise along with the Cheato, that pushes so hard to call them that and

2) Do you not Read more

2:24 PM

I’ve never read the books nor played the games. Am I a bit confused on some things, yeah. Does this bother me, no.

Clearly it’s an adaption of the epic fantasy variety, which I find nicely warm and fuzzy.

I literally watched it because my best friend said “watch it slut”, with my reply of “fine”. And an hour later I Read more

8:21 PM

The schools will say that one, your stipend was from your professor’s grant, not the school (or at least that’s how I heard it explained by people in my physics department, correct me if I’m wrong).

Two, they’ll say we can’t afford a stipend because the football and basketball players finance the rest of the athletic Read more

9:03 PM

Literally bought a new Roku because of this shit last weekend thinking at this point it was a done deal with them not launching on Fire.

#*@(*E@( money hungry corps.

7:29 PM

Being from the area, the amount of people that want to blow their nuts for this beer is staggering. Personally, I’ve never bought their shit, don’t care to taste it, and just all around happy to see what looks like a bunch of assholes lose a bunch of money for being assholes.

6:17 PM

I literally wrote checks to the Department of Education for 2+ years before they sold it off to another company. It was under the Direct Loan program, which I did full subsidized loans with one unsubsidized the last term I was at college.

All the the pamphlets I saw had Sallie Mae as being more of an additional vendor Read more

8:40 PM

Being educated doesn’t do much towards developing empathy, and having an awareness of your actions and how they affect other people in turn. I mean, I’m an idiot but I at least have a physics background and am a card player, so I’m use to taking in a lot of info and spitting it back out and making decision trees based Read more

8:33 PM

Nah. Evolution will solve them out of the gene pool in a couple generations.

My sympathy is for the kids that legitimately can’t have vaccines. My two year old was diagnosed with an egg allergy (borderline on the back test), which could be a problem for vaccines later. She’s currently up to date regardless and getting Read more

7:21 AM

No kidding.  That is some damn good scifi.  I can’t say I like much of his work, but his team has definitely produced some entertaining stuff.  I like Lost, never mind it is overproduced jank, but PoI for it’s last three seasons was as close to a perfect show as it gets.

5:38 PM

He didn’t qualify. He was close a couple times. There were 10 weeks of qualifiers, based on location, NA East and West, Asia, and Europe. They only gave out a few per week and if you weren’t in the top 6/top 3 single/duo on Sunday (with 3000/1500 teams), you didn’t get in.

5:23 PM

If Epic wants to keep raking in the billions, it’s their choice if they want to put up that much to keep people interested.  Obviously they think it’s worth it.

6:24 PM

My family tree is a mess, but my mom has told me something similar. That her paternal father’s (she was adopted and later found him only to stop speaking because drama), grandmother was full Native (that’s literally it, no tribe, band anything). Which if true would mean my mother was an 1/8 by blood, which is really Read more

7:23 PM

I was pretty sure that they taught people to deliberately manipulate people in this exact way in business school.  Else why are the people running these companies so fucking bad at it.

8:21 PM

Yeah, everyone is speculating. But there is way better, more logical speculation than others. And I’m a nobody writer that knows better than to sell a copyright flat out. He was in the business for decades before he started ASoIaF.

He’s talking about suppressing a ghost writer.  The only way he can do that, is own the Read more

7:59 PM

If they held copyright, they could get anyone else to write the series. He certainly couldn’t keep them from being published.

And no literary agent worth their salt, plus a guy in the business for decades, would sell copyright outright.

Everyone seems to forget, he was writing the books way before the show blew up.  It Read more

3:34 PM

I know what you mean for the GOP. I’ve voted GOP a fair amount in the past, Clinton was actually the first Democrat I’ve voted for for president, but I’ve gone full court press on the absolutely fuck the GOP train at this point. He is literally the one guy I don’t detest.