I was a regular in the OT section of NeoGAF. The narrative around it in the past week has been disgusting to me. I’ve seen it labeled controversial and accusations that people were being censored for their political beliefs. Read more

If the ad is going to pander, it should pander properly. Read more

So many comments on this being a rushed launch. But when you take the fiscal year into account, all of it makes pretty good sense. The plan all along was to create demand for a very narrow slate of products and maximize sales by the end of the fiscal year. Making the console and Zelda “default” purchases accomplishes Read more

“Does this make Jake Tapper a hero? No. It makes him a guy who is doing his job. (For which he is extremely well compensated.)“ Read more

Harry and Voldemort, not Harry and Snape. Read more

Being able to carve off a sliver of the revenue to offer such a benefit, whenever Michigan feels like it, almost seems more dehumanizing than not paying them at all. Trips are cool, but reminders that you’re lining the pockets of assholes who may sometimes deign to toss you tables scraps are not. Read more

Their customer service is absolute shit. Read more

+1 “it wouldn’t have happened if he was at home” Facebook comment Read more

Yeah, yeah, talking cars and all that, but suspension of disbelief has a limit. That was my main issue with Cars 2, there is no way all those different cars from all those different classes could really compete. Read more

I’ll never forget the look on Erin Burnett’s face the night of the Great Media Meeting with Trump. She looked like she’d been hit by a truck when referencing the meeting and noting she wasn’t allowed to talk about it. It was a combination of a degenerate gambler leaving Vegas empty-handed and a person who’d just Read more

I won a playoff game thanks to the Joe Webb Slash. Read more

I want a reel of Jim Nantz praising Grayson Allen to exist, but I don’t actually want to listen to it. Read more

I decided several weeks before release that I’d take my kids - 7 and 4 - since they’d enjoyed TFA so much. I typically don’t make decisions like that on the fly, but I bought the tickets and THEN started to worry once I read previews. Generally, I trust the MPAA ratings, and I’ve never been the dude to take kids to Read more

Thank you. The “we let other assholes in” argument is essentially “we do it that way because we’ve always done it that way.” That argument has a long history of attempting to justify stuff that can’t stand on its own. It’s not at all an argument I’d expect to see from a Deadspin writer. Read more

The PA absolutely wanted that rookie wage scale. Vets thought it would result in more money being funneled to the senior players and the PA was too dumb to realize it would have the opposite effect (teams churning through younger, first-contract players and dumping middle-tier vets to the curb). I remember reading Read more

Who else thinks this is so needlessly ridiculous that your reaction was complete apathy? Read more

We need a College Gameday sign that says “Tom Ley Thinks Westworld’s Big Twist Was MiB/William.” Read more

Thank you for voicing your distaste for gratuitous low hanging fruit, Taint Nuttin. Read more