9/14/18 8:52PM

I never drank the Bernie kool-aid (I like my candidates to be realistic and to be able to explain how they’re gonna do the things they want to do), but even so, he’s damaged goods. Read more

9/04/18 8:55PM

Frank gehry is a terrible architect. His best work was in the early 70s when he was doing interesting things with facades on small scale residential buildings in woodland settings; I seem to remember some interesting small works in the hollywood hills, but I may be off. But those designs worked with and didn’t Read more

9/03/18 11:00PM

This RN post was entirely not rude enough and I am furious that you went off-brand to actually connect with people on a personal level instead of dismissing them with a razor sharp one-liner. As a pillar of the Kinja comment section you should really think twice before making such compassionate posts.

8/27/18 10:11AM

I find the google/amazon feuding to be the more annoying one personally as well. I can sidestep the whole purchasing kindle books on an apple device by not having to buy most of what I read. The Kindle Unlimited program supplies a large portion of my reading habits and can swap books just fine from the kindle app.  Read more

8/27/18 10:03AM

See also: Amazon and their refusal to allow their streaming service to work with Google’s chromecast. Read more

8/25/18 2:58AM

Next up is CashPass - You pay them $20 a month and they send you $5 every day. 

8/20/18 10:00PM

The restaurant is correct but better a well behaved dog than an out of control child.

8/17/18 6:09PM

I don’t know if tarantulas would actually eat bullshit.

8/16/18 12:26PM

WRONG! This crap has been filling my news feed lately, and it’s time to stop this viral nonsense. Here is an image from the original patent for the type of can opener in question:

8/15/18 12:53PM

Do they just eat it all at once, or do you think they carapace themselves?