6/04/21 5:10PM

“I invite all Utahns to join me in praying for rain to relieve our state from this drought. ... prayer is powerful and I encourage all Utahn regardless of religious affiliation to join together on this weekend of prayer.” Read more

6/03/21 11:26PM

Damn, they’re really doubling down on the grandmother demographic. Things must be getting tough at Facebook now that white supremacists can’t really use it as a platform for organizing a government overthrow. Read more

5/16/21 8:56AM

This article could desperately use some photos of the actual plants listed lol. Most of us are planting flowers because they’re visually pleasing to us...

5/03/21 5:37PM

The fun thing about that approach is that I always learn something as well.

5/03/21 5:09PM

My mom did this with me and my other siblings. It teaches kids to research and trust in facts. Also, as I grew up before Google and Wikipedia were ubiquitous, having to look stuff up at the library and in encyclopedias translated to an obsessive reading habit. 

4/15/21 12:10PM

Missing the CCTV footage of a Sherrif throwing his hat on the ground

3/10/21 2:24PM

While this is true, to measure the effect of one body on another, you don’t have to isolate them from all outside effects. You just have to isolate them from outside effects that Read more

2/24/21 7:46AM

Why do people who are not postal workers have strong opinions about postal worker trucks?

2/23/21 2:12PM

I’m just worried that the DNA will be weaponized and humans will be able to reproduce their attacks