Don K
Jun 26

The writers have a 15 minute window after submission to change any glaring errors, then their article’s locked for good.

May 26

This incident perfectly encapsulates why I was never comfortable with the idea of #BelieveWomen and always got into heated debates in the comments regarding the notion that “women don’t lie about these things.” From the Scottsboro Boys to Rosewood, FL to Black Wallstreet in Tulsa, OK to Emmitt Till, White American Read more

May 9

I’m not going off of reporting for remdesivir, I’m going off of what the doctors I work with are telling me. I only get the big briefing from the chief medical officer every other week, though, with the in-between info mostly coming from biostatisticians, so maybe the prospects have turned and my information is stale. Read more

Feb 24

I think you have that opening line backwards. It is not oil that is in the pockets of elected and appointed officials. Rather, it is elected and appointed officials who are in the pockets of big oil interests. And obviously. But this has been true for a long time. And not just oil. Big industry, finance, wallstreet, Read more

Feb 11

So, what, we’re afraid that because of that joke all those dumb dumbs are gonna stop seeing movies until Ray Harryhausen rises from the grave to make a stop-motion Cats? Read more

Nov 15

I would expect such an opinion from someone putting Atomic Blonde (zzzz) and Furious 7 over Fury Road.

Sep 25

Heck, even OBAMA was more than a bit surprised at getting it.

Sep 24

Obama did increase drone usage but to 1) Spare troops and airmens lives for comparable results 2) To spare collateral deaths over options like Trump allowing for carpet bombing over populated areas in Syria.
Read more

Sep 24

You are right. I love the man, and think he was the greatest president of my lifetime, and yet it never made any sense... unless... Read more

Sep 24

If this had happened next year, and he was elected after world-antagonizing-Trump, I would sort of understand the Nobel committee and world giving a collective “jfc thank god that’s over,” but at the time? C’mon. Read more

Sep 22

That’s weird, because a lot of people were calling collision for not giving a 30 year old closer $100 million coming off both probably the worst, if still generally effective but no longer automatic, season of his career and an absolutely dreadful October in which he gave up 7 ER in 10 innings.

Sep 20

If it’s only about box office then someone like Samuel L Jackson would be best known for his Marvel appearances rather than Pulp Fiction or the iconic Snakes on a Plane. Or Tom Hanks for the Toy Story movies rather than the annoying Forest Gump or Castaway. Or Robin Wright for Wonder Woman or Forest Gump and not the