Yesterday 8:30PM

Just to be clear, this is an article about someone else’s article? Huh.

Wednesday 6:39PM

2) Zoey’s powers are both magical & frequently on the fritz. They generally latch on to one person’s thoughts & then extrapolate them to everyone in the immediate vicinity to get the point across. It’s less that everyone has a hivemind than the the dominant heartsong is cancelling out the rest.

Wednesday 3:36PM

I have noticed that quite a few Subways by me have closed. Between all the corporate bullshit and competition between several other sandwich shops, I can see why. 

Wednesday 1:02PM

Huh? Pretty sure Loki dies in Infinity War. It’s only during the time heist that we see Loki(s) in Endgame.

Tuesday 11:51PM

This seems like a good spot to rant that all these apps have terrible UIs. Whether designate choice by making still frame 3% bigger than the other pictures. Trying to move the highlighted icon on the vertical menu on the left, but instead you are in control of the box around the picture on the array to the left (or Read more

Monday 12:41AM

That’ll happen after they fix the copy/paste bug that reorders text with, I think, italics, such that the italicized part moves up to the front of the copy/paste. Read more

6/04/21 10:38PM

Sorry, but that titled is a bit misleading.  I know that Netflix is how everyone outside of Canada is watching “Kim’s Convenience” but it is not a Netflix product.  “Kim’s” is a Canadian production for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and while it’s nice that Netflix has brought it to international markets, it’s Read more

5/25/21 8:31PM

Oh, so that’s why they haven’t been returning my emails about the pilot for a show about the tragic Hollywood riches-to-rags-to-suicide tale of Roy Rogers' horse which I submitted two years ago.

5/18/21 12:01PM

Judging by that still, at least, Cillian Murphy growing a beard incongruously makes him look like a woman in drag.

5/17/21 9:02PM

Because of the title, I thought this was going to be a case of some character voiced by a POC who was white in the original Mass Effect but fixed here. We really need to stop using the word “race” in sci-fi and fantasy settings where we’re actually referring to completely different species.

5/17/21 2:54PM

Has anybody checked out the ‘Subscribe to Alerts’ box for this particular article?

5/12/21 11:39AM

I’m a couple episodes behind but is it just me or were the first few episodes of this season of Supergirl nearly unwatchable? Just full of pulling random shit out of their asses and filling time while Supergirl is in the phantom zone?

5/06/21 8:30AM

Hello, it’s me Bill Antifa, I’m hosting SNL this week with musical guest The Squad.

5/03/21 6:31PM

That actually makes it easier, not harder.  Pseudo-randomness is repeatable using the same seed value.  So they would just need to save that seed value and the same procedural level would be generated by it every time.

1/27/21 12:34PM

I guess the best excuse is that all those shows were set in the same universe at their creation, so it’s not “ambitious”.