Yesterday 6:13PM

WFAA, in particular, is famous to my (older now) generation as being the source of the first reports of the JFK assassination.

Wednesday 10:36PM

“We’re gonna need another Hooch.”

Wednesday 11:47AM

Good observation, and I also appreciate the user name, which is appropriate (at an odd angle) for this show.

6/14/21 7:17PM

At least they established that Batman does NOT fuck bats.  And by established, I mean loudly denied.

6/10/21 4:10PM

He’s an Army officer on active duty -- wouldn’t he always be in uniform?

6/10/21 4:04PM

I’ve decided this whole plot line is a scheme by the CW to make it so that when people Google “Smallville cult” they don’t get the Alison Mack thing.

6/09/21 7:14PM

Only if the only point of watching a TV series is the ending.  

6/09/21 5:20PM

No, you have 100% fallen for the trick. There are three sizes offered, and this tactic is designed to make you think that only the two larger ones are available. (For some reason, you’ve assumed away the small, by just saying “most people want the medium or large”, and then in the next sentence it’s “two sizes are Read more

6/09/21 1:10PM

Goddammit, I thought and I thought and I still messed up.  Corrected.  Sorry/thanks.

6/09/21 12:56PM

Nitpick: Loki dies in Endgame, not Infinity War. EDIT: God, no.  Sorry about that. Read more

6/09/21 12:48PM

For effect.  That is, I’m disappointed the answer to Loki’s “is this all here to scare me?” wasn’t “No, this is all here to calm you. If we showed you what we really look like you’d break and then you’d be useless to us.” Do I have to do everything?

6/09/21 12:46PM

As a matter of fact I did rewatch IH recently, and liked it a lot!

6/08/21 2:33PM

It’s not obvious, but I think this is more reasonable than it looks. Implicit in “if you now enjoy exercise, how long did that take?” is the conclusion “if you don’t enjoy it after some-consensus-amount-of-time, you probably won’t change your mind.”  And you can do with that what you will.  That’s what ShadowPryde Read more

6/07/21 4:05PM

Uh, thanks for the summary of an episode of another show from 12 hours ago that I haven’t watched yet.

6/07/21 1:02PM

Deadspin has had no comments on any article for, I think, a year now.  Something to do with them firing everybody and everybody else getting mad, I think.

6/06/21 5:10PM

That’ll happen after they fix the copy/paste bug that reorders text with, I think, italics, such that the italicized part moves up to the front of the copy/paste.  I see it several times a day here.

6/06/21 3:02PM

While you’re fixing things, the headline says “Nexflix”, as does the copy of it on the front page.  Oh, and the url.