The idea of having 0-6 on my ps4 made my head explode this morning. Read more

That is a bullshit rule because it isn’t true. You can stream Amazon on just as many devices as you can Netflix nowadays.  Read more

Honestly, I’d say it beats Battlestar . . . mostly because we know the creators aren’t making it up as they go and just throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.
Part of what I think is great about The Expanse is that they actually account for real physics in space. There are vanishingly few science fiction shows Read more

A better way to put it might be ‘best space drama since Battlestar Galactica’ although there unfortunately hasn’t been much competition for that title over the last decade, either. Read more

The Expanse is also not nearly as interested in sexual violence but the comparisons are mostly due to the books’ writers being GRRM proteges.
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And now that the Expanse is off of cable, new episodes are going to be full of titties. Read more

They’re also high-budget serialized genre TV based on long-running but theoretically finite novel series. It’s not that absurd a comparison. Read more

No snark, I like sci-fi moves and I keep hearing about this show. I will give it a go. Read more

Nah, that’s still definitely going to pay off. Read more

Great. Now every airplane banner company in the world has been booked solid by Firefly fans.
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In the age of quality shows getting canceled and immediately picked up by someone else, this feels appropriate:

If the show gets saved but taken away from you, you are morally excused from piracy laws.

I hope coal miners in WV had some big class action suits against the mining companies in the pipeline that have now been completely voided by this decision. Read more

Hum. I wonder if its time to make a Union Workers Party. Since both Democrats and Republicans are acting like shit in this latest incarnation of congress.
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Alternate headline: Neil Gorsuch does exactly what he was appointed to do. Read more

People in setting couldn’t tell when the hood/arrow/archer was a black guy. Don’t give them too much credit. Read more

Can we forget this ever happened? Read more

As a die hard #ScreamingFirehawk , while I appreciate this post, I wish you could have taken it one step further to describe specific actions people in the US can do to help The Expanse stay alive on SyFy OR encourage Amazon to take it over (Netflix is already over-extended and has declined), aside from signing an Read more