Oct 29

I do wonder which Diana they’ll give us. The same ol demure, lonely English rose? Or the borderline personality with multiple affairs who learned to give as good as she got? The latter definitely makes for more interesting television, as does the dichotomy between the two.

Oct 14

An estimated 33,000 Japanese Americans served in the U.S. military during World War II, of which 20,000 joined the Army. The 100th/442nd Infantry Regiment became the most decorated unit in U.S. military history.

Oct 14

Bella Hadid is dating someone who looks like he's a featured extra playing a mid level Irish mob henchman in a Scorsese movie. Read more

Oct 8

Statistically, a woman is more likely to be murdered by her partner while pregnant than at any other point in the relationship. I do wonder how both of their decision making might have been impacted had there not been one on the way.

Oct 8

I think it also has a lot to do with the kind of true crime documentary narratives we’ve been primed to expect from Netflix. There’s always some twist, something sensational. Yet as crimes go, this one was as straightforward as it gets. The fact that there was no shocking twist was the shocking twist.

Oct 7

I went into the doc with no context (didn’t even watch the trailer) and, tbh, all the lifecasting projected an artifice that had me anticipating a Gone Girl-esque scenario. Especially given that he had the same handsome but shifty simpleton vibes as Affleck.

Oct 7

In my experience on sets, there’s always some production team member insisting that the show regulars are totally off limits to guests, extras, and crew, only for the regulars themselves (or at least a couple of them) to be totally friendly and at ease. The idea is to establish “don’t talk to them unless they talk to Read more

Oct 5

Well, there’s that and the stunt that Tik Tok teens pulled on him back during the Tulsa rally —reserving a ton of free spots so that his campaign anticipated and bragged about millions of prospective attendees, only to have him wind up speaking to a mostly empty stadium. Best senior prank ever.

Sep 25

That’s what’s nuts. They could easily find another ultra conservative pick who’s not in a cult, but they go with this batshittery just to flex how few fucks are given.

Sep 25

This pick infuriates the blue state libtards,” and thats really all he or his base need to know. Their ideology does not extend beyond maintaining power and keeping their boot on our necks.

Sep 6

$2M is possibly the high ball opening salvo that makes the final agreement of $1M seem comparatively reasonable. That’s a common legal tactic. And not for nothing, but Forbes lists Dre's net worth at $800M, and they've been married for 25 years. 

Sep 4

I once knew a white girl who, despite her given Scotch-Irish surname, used (and probably still continues to use) her grandmother’s Latin maiden name on all her artist grant applications in order to give herself a perceived leg up as well as to qualify for POC-centered programs for which she’d be otherwise ineligible. Read more

Aug 25

You know things are bad when your best friends are not-so-secretly happy that your raging diarrhea gives them a night off from your company. 

Aug 25

Well, lately she's become just as hateful when sober. It really is time for her to go. 

Aug 11

I think part of it is American Puritanism, but its also because a lot of actual perverts use public urination as an excuse when they get caught flashing. Lord knows I’ve had too many men meet my eyes with a smug grin when I accidentally glanced at them midstream. 

Aug 9

Her charisma lends itself better to singing/performing or modeling than it does to acting. 

Aug 1

Yeah, apparently Dottie and Jimmy smooch. It was even filmed but cut from the final film because it denigrated Dottie’s character.