Jun 18

Maybe I’ll make a Jalopnik “Take Your Frustrations Out On A Kia Rio” event! (Socially-distanced, of course). 

Jun 18

This is also the series where one of the main characters has her arm cut off in battle and then uses said arm to bludgeon hostile aliens to death.
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May 15

I’m sure they could, but part of the appeal of Dajiban is that they are so big and unsuited for racing. Making a smaller (though still unsuited) version would seems weird to me. It’s a JDM niche of a JDM niche, and I think the world would implode. Read more

May 15

Man, if I had to make a wager on which Jalopnik writer would have already known of Dream Factory Blow, my money would have been on you, Torch. I would have lost that bet. Read more

Feb 3

Pandas can’t naturally defend themselves...Therefore, I vote PFP!

Feb 1

As rwp said, that’s also a valid English definition (from the same Latin root as the Spanish):

Feb 1

It means that in English, too. “Molest” also means to harass, irritate, harm, bother, etc, it doesn’t just have to be the sexual kind. Read more

Aug 28

I believe that Hotblack Desiato may be looking for a new ride, as his old one was stolen at the Restaurant at the End of the universe.

Aug 13

About ThinkGeek... They also went out of business this summer.

Aug 9

Let me offer the perspective of someone who went there two years ago, about a week after the first article was published, in the effort to buy his grey 16v scirocco:

I called him wednesday that week to ask if he still had it. he said he did. we negotiated a price of $800 and i told him I would be there between 1-2pm on Read more

Jul 2 2019

And the unexpected thing is that the two pistons aren’t quite in phase with each other.

Apr 30 2019

This movie feels like a weird time displaced artifact of 1995, complete with a manic Jim Carrey, the completely out of place use of Gangsta’s Paradise, and the “THE VIDEO GAME GETS REAL” vibe of the whole thing.

It’s like from an alternate reality where the Super Mario Bros. movie was a mega hit and Sega, desperate to Read more

Apr 5 2019

I also enjoy doing my own oil changes, although I use ramps (no lift). My wife and I daily pretty new cars, so they don’t need much other than oil changes and tire rotations... and I don’t trust quick lube places. Even though I take my sweet time, I’m still a lot quicker than the Subaru dealership (2 hours!?!) and I Read more

Jan 18 2019

FP has a pretty great logo there. I’m digging that front badge.